Hey, Im new

Hey just seeing whats up

Names jeff and i drive a 05 scion tc with intake and exhaust

welcome. What does your name mean?

Bsp = Black Sand Pearl, the color of my car

and tc, well i drive a scion tc

welcome fellow bsp tc’er

man there are gettin to be alot of us

I hear ya

hhaha yeah I knew that much…about the TC that is

welcome :wave:

welcome to the board :slight_smile:

three black sand pearl tc’s would’ve been a crowd, good thing i sold mine! welcome btw…

isnt the saying threes company fours a crowd?? sorry rob, BTW Welcome :wave:


:wave: you forgot me. its definatly a crowd.

welcome to the board.

From one noob to the board to another Welcome

noobs cant welcome noob :slight_smile:


welcome :wave:

welcome :wink:

u fucker lol