hi im new, and planning for a 240sx

Hi all, how’s it going. I am currently planning on getting a 240sx. But I havn’t learned too much yet. My plan is to do a S15 front end conversion, headlights, hood, fenders, bumper (extreme dimension has it for 1,900US+shipping).

So my question is, which 240SX should I get? It seems like anything from a 89 - 98 240sx can use that conversion kit.
But I would prefer a 95-98, since I like the rear more, and I won’t change the rear. Maybe just to get rid of the 240SX wording.

Is 95-98 called the S14? Are the rear end of these the same? Or are 95-96 different from 97-98?
How many different engine types do we have for the North American 95-98 240sx? Are they distiguished by SE, LE and base models?

Does anyone know who owns the 97 240sx s15 conversion that is being sold on canadatrader in st. Albert? Too bad it’s already sold! Where did he get his work done?

What is the diff between a S13 and S13 silvia, a S14 and S14 silvia, a S15 and S15 silvia, engine only???
Thanks for any help.

Is this something common that a lot of people do? Otherwise I will have to wait until 2014 and import the S15 from Japan :frowning:

Ok, let the Spec V guy try to answer a few of your questions. :smiley:

The s13 is the 89-94 cars. The s14 is the 95-98 cars.

Do up an s14 - it looks a lot more like the s15 than does the s13. Very nice. :slight_smile:

The only engine available in north america in the s14 was the ka24de, essentially the same motor in the car since 91, I think. It’s a 2.4L 4 cylinder engine, I think producing 140-150 HP in the s14.

I’m sure the other guys will chip in with what they know as well. :smiley:

89-90 is a KA24E (SOHC motor) 145 hp
91-98 is a KA24DE (DOHC) with a whopping 155.

Welcome. I agree about going with an S14 if you really want to do the S15 front end conversion. That wouldn’t be the first on my list of mods, but to each their own. If you are looking to get a 240 soon, check out Jeff’s. Looks pretty nice and its really well priced considering its an S14. More info here: http://www.n-e-c-c.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2809

the main difference between 95-96 to 97-98 is the headlights, hood, and tail lights

95-96 is called the zenki http://www.n-e-c-c.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2204 these are some pics of my car

97-98 is the kouki http://www.n-e-c-c.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3368 these pics dont show the rear but the tail lights on the kouki are waved i guess thats best way to describe it

I hope this helps

so the back of the 95/96 is less wavy than the 97/98. anyone know where to find some pics? I’ve been looking in S14/S15 photo topic, but there are a few diff cars in there, a little confused…

the taillights on the zenki are smooth and the kouki give a wavy appearance i dont know if the tailight its self is wavy or not

the s15 is only in japan they ran from (dont quote me on this) 99-01 or 02.

on the s14 chasis they had to body styles the zenki which ran from 95-96 and the kouki which ran from 97-98

the first link is my car its a 95(zenki bodystyle) the second link is another persons car on this forum its the 98(kouki bodystyle)

the main difference really is the headlights between the to bodystyles thats all