Hi, I'm new in town.

Hi, my name is josh. I like cars and have a Jeep, Monte Carlo, and BMW. I build things with my hands. Please welcome me.

Grundle rub?

i haven’t seen you in a long while josh - we need to chill…


How are the mods coming along? Have you done anything lately?

it’s funny…i’ve been doing quite a bit of nifty work lately, but i can’t remember what i’ve actually been doing. come to think of it…my fingers smell like epoxy and i have a bit of a contact high. weird.

i like big buts and i cannot lie

You own a BMW?

he owns a vega :stuck_out_tongue:

HAHAHAHA…vega’s are hotTt

Hey buddy…long time no see…welcome aboard!

yo yooooooooooo

hey Lafengas…when are you going to finish your monte?