Hi :(

Hi guys… i was kinda hoping this sites name woulda been fukhuk.com

oh well just saying hi

:tup: to the new site

btw…its Adam Beck or Illlero if your going by barf referencing

Oh and stay tuned for a new tattoo the 30th. Funny how I got my other tattoo shortly after signing up for the barf aswell. :slight_smile:




someone buy the url and point it here lol


heh welcome

^ +1

what up adam…about time u got here

Welcome aboard.

alright…stop eveything known as “hate”… :smash2:

embrace the new horizon… :tup: to mods

welcome aboard… :biglaugh:

hey you…i know you …haha…

oh dear, yet another tattoo…what kind of permanent craziness are you putting on yourself now? ROFL

What up, Illest of the Ill…

BECK!! you made it oh thank heaven… beckin eleven…

lol dickride much? :gay:

hello hello

hey my best friend joined…hahaha welcome Adam :wink:

hi honey



oh hai adam…

how are you…

im good thanks!

k talk to you later <3

Your nostalgic tonight huh?

LOL, I love reliving threads