Hillary's email troubles... enter LZ


There is actually plenty of ways to secure email but it’s not really about that :lol:


Like with a cloth or something?





I made a comment about her cloth comment on FB long before you posted here, what do I win? :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought I remember reading somewhere that even the people at Silent Circle say that there will never be true secure email, unless you’re only sending messages inside their network? I could definitely be wrong as I’m thinking back at least a year now.


I cant stand her, mainly because I find her pandering. “vote for me, im a woman!” really grinds my gears.

im feeling the bern pretty hard these days


I mean what are we talking about here there are technologies that can encrypt and secure email.

The issue is if you hack the phone or computer at one end its obviously not secure anymore but that isn’t necessarily a short coming of the email.


He was ahead in one poll for NH only (he’s from vermont right next door) that may be an outlier. The right calls every Democrat a pot-smoking socialist anyway. At least with Bernie it’s actually appropriate.


Did a search:

… But this doesn’t actually provide true secrecy as Silent Circle point out:

You can see the name of the host that connected, the IP of the machine that connected, the recipient of the message, whether or not encryption was used, and if so, what kind of cipher and key size). None of this can be encrypted if you want to be compatible with current email protocols. The time and timezone can be equally valuable. You can also pull the subject, sender metadata (To, From, MUA, etc) which is also stored and transmitted in the clear. So a PGP-encrypted message with the subject line “Pricing info for blasting caps” may be sort of ridiculous. You can also learn a lot from frequency and who is associating with whom but that’s a separate post about traffic analysis probably.


Basically you can encrypt the message and attachments but there are still ways to get info. This is an old article though.


US Gov said metadata isn’t a big deal :slight_smile:


Bernie? My family moved to the USA to get away from the likes of him, thank you very much! How do you guys like what’s coming out about the part of the Iranian deal Obama failed to mention? What a joke! Self-moderation ftw!!!


I’d like to say I’m surprised but with this administration no amount of spinelessness or cover-up surprises me anymore.

But hey, we’re going to have sub $2 gas in the fall if we sign the deal. WOOHOO!


You’re trying to buy a sub $2000 car to deliver papers all winter for a living, and you vote Republican? :tif:


You work in the financial sector and vote democrat :tif:


More financial regulation = more work for me :bigtup: Might as well have called Dodd Frank the Consulting Full Employment Act.

Also, Wall St is Democratic https://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/contrib.php?cycle=Career&cid=n00000019


He’s busting his ass and not looking for a handout, why would he vote Democrat?


Because the other side’s main campaign platform is taking away the only affordable way for them to get health insurance?


Yes that’s exactly what I’m doing on top of my day job and going to college :wink: btw is it so wrong to want to get a beater so I don’t have to use the family van for it? It’s actually kind of stupid to put money into things that drop in value like a rock.

Low gas prices are a double-edged sword, in terms of competing globally, our companies start to lose out to the easy access oil out there. Then again it’s an incentive for them to advance the tech

Edit: I never considered myself a Republican either. They’re all morons as you can see in the fact that the dem party has Bernie and Hillary, and the reps have the likes of Donald Trump. Let’s be realistic, the days of smart and sensible people running our country are long gone.

Here’s a novel idea, before supporting a full blown socialist like Bernie, how about asking some people what that kind of life is like, who actually have experience living in societies that socialists adore?


In a society that can’t comprehend policy that’s longer than 140 characters you end up rewarding the idiot with the loudest megaphone. Hence, Bernie and Trump.


And yet the people who supposedly have the answers to all of our Healthcare problems etc write laws that are 10’s of thousands of pages long? It is ridiculous to even think that any of it is done for the sake of the people. At this point the majority of the conversations have nothing to do with logic or deep thinking, just sensationalism and the red vs blue team. No substance whatsoever