Hillary's email troubles... enter LZ


I just heard on Michael Savage that there were many security rules/laws broken because with SCIF , 2PI (TPI), etc, you can’t even send/forward email outside their system. The email and computers they use do not even connect to other emails and/or Google. Someone (Hillary?) had to physically create new emails “by hand”. They don’t even have functioning USB ports on the computers. They mentioned that they are even in basements or rooms that are electronically protected/insulated. A few Pentagon IT people called the show and explained it… sounded legit.

LZ and/or others, what say you?

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Holy shit more people are calling in with like 50 years experience in this stuff. You can’t even enter rooms without witnesses and signatures, etc. This like James Bond stuff, air tight.

These people are pissed because of all the years they had to keep shit top secret and she is a fucktard and just did whatever. AND they are concerned about the security given up and what could be the results.


LZ is too busy scouring the Ashley Madison database dump to bother with Hillary news at the moment. :wink:


Armed guards at the gate, requiring photo ID, bomb dogs and tire poppers with crash barriers, Man traps with Badge and PIN at building entrance, guards, elevators with badge readers, badge readers with PIN on internal doors for SCIF entrance, smart card and PIN computer, then 24+ digit password with non-repeating numbers letters symbols and special characters required.

Thats what hat it takes to even read an email on S/TS at a gov’t facility.


So she had to have help. lol
That person will be going to prison while Hillary walks.


What Haenszel said…I worked at the pentagon a few other army bases in a past life :-p

You’re getting this entire thing confused she used that personal email server during her time at the state department all those classified networks are airgapped…People found out she was using it and the inspector general at the same time the FBI is investigating those emails for security concerns and has been redacting them before they’re released.

It’s not like some asshole transcribed classified emails for her personal use. Information contained in her emails between staff members was determined to be sensitive after the fact.

Were you just as mad about this? http://www.cnn.com/2015/04/23/politics/david-petraeus-sentencing/


If she used her “personal email server” to discuss ANYTHING “work” related, she’s an idiot. She’s an even bigger idiot if she discussed anything that she knew was S/TS.

WTF does Hilary Clinton need a personal email for anyway? Is Bill sending her lolcat memes and dick pics all day? lol

Really though, this whole thing is a question of motive. Why did she feel she needed her own email server? Why not get your personal email through a service provider? In technical terms, you’ve got your answer above. You can’t just FWD that material outside the network.


What bothers me most about this is how little the mainstream media cares. She wiped the server AFTER the investigation started and now we’re finding out the blackberries that may also have had evidence of what was going on have all been destroyed. And it’s not like nothing was going on at the time she was using this server… it was right in the middle of the whole Benghazi thing.

Can you imagine how the press would be reacting if Christie had purged 50k emails and destroyed all his underlings phones in the middle of bridgegate? They would have burned him at the stake all over a some delays crossing a bridge. Meanwhile Clinton’s poor handling of Benghazi may have gotten American’s killed, and a coverup, but no one other than Fox News seems to care. Clinton is out there making jokes about maybe using Snapchat in the future and the left is like “Uh huhuh… that’s funny. Fuck Faux News”.


Who needs the likes of Edward Snowden when you have Hillary who has no clue how the internet and security work. They will be the ones who end up leaking the wrong stuff and they won’t even know they did it.

Hillary’s actions here are just a display of how she carries herself. Smug, careless person who is only interested in herself and her agenda. Just because it was easier for her to use her home server and blackberry, she failed to realize how much of a security risk it was. Hell, she probably did know, but just didn’t care because it would have been an inconvenience to her.


Tom Brady’s destroying of his Samsung Galaxy (who can blame him after all, iphone > *) got probably 1000x more coverage. AND he got a 4 game suspension.


She’s a smug cunt, but I think you’re being naive if you honestly think this was about convenience. Hillary is as shady as they come and knew anything on a government server was easy for any Republican commission to get a hold of. She wanted her email on a private server so in the hypothetical case she was under investigation for poorly handling, oh lets say the security of an embassy and the government response to a breach for instance, she could easily purge all records of her emails with staff to keep them out of the eyes of subpoenas. I really hope the data recovery experts they have working on it are able to recover a lot of it.

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Lol… that’s so true.


And I hope they recover it about a year from now (closer to the election) since this is the United States of Amnesia.


Realistically if any executive at a public company did this or anyone did this for another government agency they would be in jail or in the middle of a large lawsuit :slight_smile:

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What? Like with a cloth or something?


Lol at everyone thinking that Hilary is the only government person who uses private email or even forwards their email to a personal account.


Maybe take Hillary’s democrat balls out of your mouth for once…

Although some former secretaries of state occasionally used personal emails for official business, Clinton is the only one who never once used an @state.gov email address in the era of email.



If we can make fast food jobs pay $15 an hour, we can make email’s secure damn it!


I really don’t give a shit about Hillary’s email escapades but hope it sparks people to at least take a look at Bernie Sanders. Generally once they do, they’re hooked.


the bern’ looks like he knows a thing or 2 about securing emails and servers :banghead:


I actually don’t like her that much. I did like how she handled the BlackLivesMatter asshats but over all I am not a fan. I just dislike people being oblivious to everything and focusing on one thing when this thing runs rampant all over.

The transport method is mostly secure but most places don’t enable it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/STARTTLS

He may have good ideas but his old appearance makes him look weak and frail IMO. Isn’t he actually ahead tho?