Hey, hear there is somethin goin on at holland speedway 2morrow, drifting comp, road course, car show and bass off, not sure how its gonna be but i have a friend thatlives out there and he has been seeing cars all being brought in, and i guess he said there is a shitload of 240’s signed up already for the drift comp. it starts at 6pm friday. i think i might go check it out.

This would have helped in your post



P.S. I have a feeling it will be pretty empty there, I’ve heard/seen nothing promoting this event :gotme:

* Party Atmosphere :rofl:

you cant spell holand without ho (yea yea yea, i know thats not how its spelled)

steve-o said he has been hearing shit about it for the last 2 weeks.

Yeah I heard ads on 103.3, I bet there will be some peeps there

n/m, wrong locale

I’ll be there tonight

i’ll be there…


lets see how many drifter newbs kiss the wall like that s2k did at the first race WARZZZZZZZZZZZ :rofl: