Holy Huge


Thats my new turbo

I will see you tomorrow when it sp00ls. That thing is big tho.

nah … a simple 100 shot would spool that in under an hour …

that guy looks like the biggest tool ever.

if i’m not mistaken that turbo is on a rotary powered bmw “shell” drag car … lemme see if i can dig it up

i don’t get it…why is there a midget holding a turbo?

damn i’m good, i was right here ya go guys

“The Queen St Smash Repairs and Mazsport Teams are set to ROCK the ET Racing Fuels Compak Attak on March 19th. The Queen St Quad Rotor Barbie BMW is ready to hit the track with a new single turbo set-up. The old twin turboed combo pushed the 4 rotor BMW to a 7.29 @ 191 mph in December. The new combo utilises a Single Turbonetics Thumper Turbo with a huge 107mm front wheel. With the new turbo the BMW has picked up 250 + HP at the flywheel says Bill Nabhan of Mazsport. You do the maths! The BMW has run 7.29 and now it has an extra 250 + HP! Will we see 6sec time slips at the Compak Attak QSR BMW”

dude looks like he’s saying hahhhhhghghhhahhhhhhhh




I’ve heard those turbos are getting to the point where if the put the pickup point on the front of the car… the turbo actually can suck the car through the air… reducing drag… now that’s just F’n silly.


now that turbo is bigger than yours howie :rofl: