Home Receiver: Pioneer VSX-1018

Pioneer VSX-1018-AH-K
This is brand new! Top of the line receiver, next step would be Pioneer Elite receivers which are about $1000

I hooked it up, watched a movie, and decided it wasnt worth swapping my current receiver for. Ya its MUCH better then my current receiver but with xmas coming up and such I figured my money is better spent elsewhere.

Your saving over $100 here, if you went out and got it at the store it these are $599.99 plus tax, plus $59.99 for warranty. tax and everything comes out to be around $740.00




$529.99 Takes it home
Comes with Best Buy 4 year warranty also.

Located In the South Hills

another page with specs and current pricing…


$575 obo
still comes with warranty and everything. plus I’ll throw in the DVD “Shooter” got it on blu-ray now

$530 with Best Buy 4 year warranty…

WHy can’t you just return it?

So wait a minute here…

your first post, you wanted $529

then when it didnt sell, your bump post had a price of $575

now, you want $530

you’re retarded.

i think he edited the OP…

but i could be wrong.

he did it says so at the bottom just yesterday.

I started it at $600. dropped to 575, now down to 530.
if someone brought me $525 that would work.

ya I can return it, but why not try and save someone some money instead of them going to best buy and getting it for $600 + tax + warranty?

Because I think you will be hard pressed to find someone on here willing to shell out $525 on just a receiver with no speakers etc…

I mean GL but you might be better off instead of undercutting yourself.

Im not undercutting myself. I got it for $523. I must have got a new employee that matched an online price from a website lol…

so why not try and help someone else out instead of returning it? you know what I mean

$500 takes it! bad ass receiver and puts out nice power

just fucking take it back

If you’re not gonna take it back I’ll give you $250.

add $250

dude thats a good price for a nice receiver, this isnt one of those crappy dvd systems you buy for 500 bucks that has 7 speakers. this is basically a center piece to start a very nice home theatre system. if i had the cash i would def. be interested.

Oh I mean I’m not saying it’s a bad system, but just saying that it’s hard to justify buying just that one piece and not getting the whole deal.

well someone is getting a deal on the receiver.

if you want a “whole deal” for around that price then your going to get junk. if you wanted “whole deal” with quality products such as this unit and good speakers then your looking about $1500 - $1800

$500 /w warranty and its less then what I paid for it, only used for 2 hours.

I paid $523 for everything, happened to get a very new and confused employee to sell it to me :slight_smile:

It goes for $599 at best buy + tax + warranty, so thats around $730