honda meet??

last year someone put together a honda meet… are they gonna do it again in 09?


thats a big meet…
I remember last year my girlfriend was saying their were a TON of honda’s at QSL when she grabbed smokes on her lunch break…

They seriously had cops block off the road for them and let them burnout of the parking lot and hang out windows? lol

yea i was surprised by that cop escort haha,

it was a good time. hopefully this year will be bigger and better.

i watched that vid on honda tech. thats the worst group of cars that i have ever seen at a cruise. that crowd makes you true honda guys look bad.

With the good comes the bad. I’m going to check the meet out this year.

yea dude take it easy, sorry that every car that comes to a meet isnt a magazine quality car.

meets are for people of the same general intrest or whatever to meet new people and hang out. not bash on there car becuase its not as cool as yours is.

Everybody has there own tastes and own budget to work with, cant say I realy take pride in the Honda ricer scene but there are a ton of badass cars that go there, plan on taking the del sol down

There were acouple realy nice rides last year but most where just ok at best. Def surprised at the cop escort. The old guys weren’t too happy out at the norwin car cruise when like 50 hondas showed up lol.

When I was organizing meets back in 04/05 there were always retards at the meets. Racing, being general jackasses. Almost got fined by the cops in Southpark bc of idiots racing thru the park(Bc i rented out a pavilion and i was “responsible” for them. Theres always one or 2 at every meet acting like a moron. Never fails

im not trying to bash hondas. what i tried to say is that the stock, rusted, fart can hondas with the 16 year olds hanging out the windows give you guys with actually nice hondas a bad name. i actually like the car you are building. your attention to detail is far better than mine.

i didnt think you were, i was just stating that if i were to have a meet or whatever i would want as many cars as possible. i could care less if its junk.

but i know what you mean. where i live, i get revved on by these junk ass civics and accords with fart cans and shit. maybe one day they will go up.

So who is going to this? I hope its a good turnout.

Last year when the came down to Irwin car show they where acting like retards. I was pretty ashamed of owning a Honda.

But anyways My H-T account is jacked up and just tryin to see who is going. And we need to know the meeting point

I agree. I left after a bit…there were a few really nice cars there but the vast majority were pretty clapped out. I think more cars are great, but when the average age is like 17/18 things get stupid pretty fast.

ill be working… water survival training at the wave pool… some serious training going on lol

ill be there. Theres alot of really nice cars going this yr… alot of people didnt really know about the 1 last yr. It only had a turnout of like 150 cars… this year there projecting at least 300 so it should be fun. On top of the carts u can rent this yr and watch auto x.

lol figures, I’ll be away for the weekend when this happens. Last year we went to the wrong QSL so we missed basically most of the meet.

I went last year and had a good time. I am 33 and thought that everyone behaved very well. I did not once hear any burnouts or dumb shit in the parking lot. Since this year looks even better organized than last year, I think all should be well with the event. If anyone is rolling from the Weirton/Steubenville area, PM me and I will try to organize all the folks from our area to roll out together.

Thanks, Aaron.

racing??? and i hear possible…
dam it bring the fast car? or the pretty car??? wtf to doh

Pretty cars are gay. Bring the fast one duh.