Honda peeps Help: Installing d16y8 (ex), using D16y7 harness

i know a few of you have done this before. all the ones i searched up was about converting to obd1 or mini-me swap. Well it was just getting me confused

Car: 97 civic DX hatch / manual ( d16y7)
Engine: 97 Ex 4door/ manual (D16y8)

well, heres the deal. i have a 97 civic DX hatch (Sohc non-vtec/ D16y7) and im installing a 97 EX ( sohc-vtec/D16y8) engine. the engine came with a cut engine harness, so im left with the original one off my Dx.

Question: how do i wire up my 3 wire IACV to a 2 wire IACV? and what else is needed ( wiring wise) to make it work.

i need a car because it just getting a little too cold to be riding on my bike everywhere.

um… i just did this EXACT thing less than a year ago. i’m pretty sure the only wires i had to extend were for something small an stupid. if you want to look at the car that i did it on, pm 95mx6.

switching to the two wire IACV is easy. clip the plug off the 3 wire, get a plug from a two wire, and just dont use one wires. i’ll see if i can find the write up to tell you which wire to use. its really straight forward though, just put the harness on the motor before you drop it in the car, and you’ll see what wires need to be extended or shortened.

ONE PROBLEM THOUGH. you’re gonna run into the same code 91 problem that i ran into. its confusing, pm me if you want more info.

I could help…i know don (carnut)used to don’t know if he gets into it anymore… I’m sure swerve can also do it …lots o people can do it for you

for me to do need to get the car to my house…

aren’t the fuel tanks different or something stupid??

yep the dx gas tank doesnt have a fps. and the ex does. so when you put the ex motor in a dx and dont switch the tanks it throws the code.

well i have the stock EX wiring harness with the plug ( cut at the firewall). would you happen to know which wire( color) i dont need? and yea i read up on 95mx6 for sale thread. ill probly just swap tanks later down the line. i just want the car running.

alright i finally found out what to do. but im still unclear about, swaping the pinout ( A14 to A12) is nessecary if im still using the DX ecu.

are you going to still use the DX ecu? if so, use the DX throttle body on the ex mani (with the DX TB gasket) and DONT REWIRE ANYTHING.

you cant use a non vtec ecu with a vtec motor

just use the d16y7 harness and wire vtec and knock

ugh. shut up, yes you can.

he’ll have to wire vtec, knock, rewire the IACV, change the gas tank, and run wires from the tank to the ecu.

OR just use the dx ecu for now. yes, vtec wont work, but hes trying to get the car back on the road to drive it, and my solution allows him to do that as cheaply and easily as possible.

yup. i jsut want to drive the damn thing for now.
but crap i alread messed around with the wires. it wont be too hard to convert back the iacv plug.

just to let ya know laymone, the car will be 100% inspectable with the y8 and dx ecu.