hotttttttttttttttt girls + turbos

I was crOOzing down road xxx tonight, and i see some fucking goddamn porsche headlights flying up on me, then proceed to slow down right next to me. I look over and its a new turbo with 4 fucking goddamn hotttttttttttttttttttttttt girls in it. Im like omg. They proceed to fucking goddamn ass rape my slow and/or gay grandma car, slowing down, waving bye bye, then fucking goddamn putting multiple hemispheres on me…

I did manage to give them a 6000rpm full blower fly by, cuz im a fucking goddamn ricer like that lol

but damn

what a sight…

way to impress the women carl :banghead:



ok what road was this?(pm me)

i dont remember the name, but i remember it was a MAIN road :wink:


in order to score with those girls, you should have given them a :tdown:

they would have probably sped away, but they would be disheartened and confused as to why you gave it to them… they are used to the :tup:. Upon catching up to them at a light, they would totally start a conversation with you. girls want want they cant have.

[/girl advice from the gayest straight kid on the forum]

EDIT: lol @ the idea of dos prowling the streets for these broads.


I beat 2 of those girls last season… it was nice :wink:

i beat girls everyday. i have fists of fury.


I wanna piece of this azz-c-tion :lol:

civic > barbie porche? vids…

so u got next to um and drdosed it? :tdown: run um of the road and rape there dead bodies

We had this same thing happen to us when we went down to Kentucky for the RIT Mini-Baja Race. These girls pull along side our van in a porsche, so our drive called for a moon wall, next time we pulled up they got a nice view of 4 hairy asses. After that, they pulled next to us, and we got a nice view of 4 beautiful boobies.

o well, it’s prolly hard to impress people who drive “really Nice” cars.