how do i make a christmas tree out of packing peanuts?

so, my boss just left my work, and i’m supposed to make a christmas tree out of bags of these:

it has to be able to be moved, study, and about 6 feet tall. all i have to work with are a damn near unlimmited supply of green peanuts in bags (like shown above), clear shipping tape, and a bunch of boxes. no zip ties, super glue, or anything that would make this easy.

any ideas? just curious to see what everyone comes up with.


get a new job


I would just take the peanuts bags, stack them 6 feet High and Tape them all together. ANd try to shape it like a Tree

Lay out a nice base about 4’ in diameter. Lay down rolls of tape about 1/2" in from the edge covering the whole thing, lay down another (smaller obviously) layer of peanuts. 4hrs later, you’ll have a tree.

stack the bags up in a pyramid-esque pile?

if i were told to do that, i would make it so damn rediculous that no one would ever ask me to do such a retarded task again.


:word: lmao


oh wait, dont you work for UPS ?

that would explain the retarded task …

make a 6’ cone from the boxes… and then apply the tape on it sticky side up, then throw peanuts at it.

:lol: :word:

Although you could make a few cardboard cones of decreasing diameter, space them, stack them, and tape green peanuts to them all night, finding employment that doesn’t involve hold-my-helmet-while-I-drink-my-juice-box kind of jobs is a much better alternative.

i ran out of peanuts. thats what i got so far. took me about 45 min.

That is the sweetest red x tree ever! :tup:

A red X?



wrap your bosses desk in tape and dump peanuts everywhere and just act like its the best god damn tree ever… he’ll be so dumbfounded by it, he won’t bother making you clean it up or finish.

stop by his house and rape any and all outdoor pets

wtf? haha

i’d eat a few.

then make a structure that is the shape of a tree first, and glue them on it. easiest way…and you’ll be able to move it around.

then take pics and post them.

then quit.

stop by bosses house
cut down the pine tree on his front lawn
bring to office, throw peanuts on it