How expensive are 240sx parts compared to honda or toyota?


I was recently told by my driving instructor that Nissan parts are more expensive than honda or toyota parts and that I should buy a honda civic or a toyota corolla as my first car. I wanted to know first hand your opinion about the price difference between nissans (particularly the 240sx) and hondas/toyotas. Thanks all.


honda there is much more aftermarket available for them so the prices are competativly lower.

I would rank the costlyness of parts by company in decending order top being the most pricey

deawoo ? havn’t ever had to get parts for one so I can’t say.

mazda parts are by far the most expensive parts out there be it dealership oem replacement or aftermarket.

nissan parts are fairly easy to locate and from what I have purchased aren’t really too bad price wise, but in all cases you get what you pay for, if you go el-cheapo parts they will suck and break etc…

have fun look around check the buy/sell section and stay away from ebay (nothin but crap on thier anyway)

and come see me if you need brakes etc.



Wow you would rank toyota parts as expensive? i swear the dude told me that toyota corolla parts are cheep. I smell shiftyness

He teaches people how to drive… he is not a car expert.

Listen to him when he tells you to apply the brakes, not when you are buying a car.

Yeah I tend to agree with that statement… 'cos some of the stuff my driving instructor said was totally bogus (about car-related purchases). That isn’t to say none of them know anything, though.




its the same class, im sure certain things are more for a nissan but certain things are less too.

Thank you for the advice it looks as if the ballpark on the first cars will be as follows

either a honda civic, 240sx, or an acura integra 1992-1993. These are all affordable cars since they will most likely be older ones like in the 1992 year range :slight_smile: