How much would it cost me to rent..

Some ish to tow a bike back from ohio?

Shipping through a company is $550 or so…

where in ohio?
i am driving through ohio with a trailer/pickup on monday/tuesday…

northeastern ohio

hahahaha bikes rule,… what are you buying???

this is my route:

go pick it up rent a truck or have a friend tow it with a trailer… then you only pay gas and throw a couple bukcs to your friend… or buy him lunch or something

EDIT. post on wny sportriders… that you want some help picking up a bike and someboyd will most likely offer to ride with you with his/her truck., they will have the knowledge to tow and they will do it for lunch or beer most likely… good guys on

a bike can fit towed in a pickup bed… in general. would be easier to find a truck to borrow then a trailer.

or, as always, rent a small trailer from uhaul ($40-60) if You have a trailer hitch currently.

Man… we need a towing sticky or something. lol