Howard Stern Replacement?

David Lee Roth? :rofl:

I know a lot of you don’t care for Stern, but this is no replacement.

Well who cares, I’m going to Satalite soon too, just thought it was interesting.


O&A > Howard

Not my point :noob:

X… :lol: I called howie a NOOB :lol:

He’s a pud… Roth isn’t nearly as entertaining as Stern… WTF!

Wease > *

and i dont care who replaces him cause he sucks at life.

I dont know stern kinda sucks, i have banned 92.9 anyway this Jack is a bunch of shit.

i like dj anthony on kiss.

all the porn and sex stuff gets old after a while

once in a while hell have something really funny, shoo shoo retarded flu comes to mind. that was the height of comedy, but it wasnt him it was one of his writers. He has a great staff but he is an old fart with a crap load of money.

Thats where you and me differ, porn and sex never gets old:hitit:

Sucks I will have to pay for radio now, whatever



X… :slight_smile: