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Equally as mesmorizing as the dancing Spiderman, but much much cooler.

yeah it gets a :tup:

lol mia you don’t even know what it’s from :slight_smile:


that little white ninja needs a little red ninja dance partner!

only the red one should dance like me doing a bad imitation of the white one… that would be funny…

What happened to the dancing Spiderman?

he got played out

That is MC hammers “Hammertime” dance.

I knew what it was.

I played Karateka last night on my Commodre 64C :slight_smile:

i had that shit for my apple 2e

I miss my Commodore 64.

For the longest time, we’d go to this TV repair place. The owner would make bootleg copies of games for us. I don’t remember his real name, but we referred to him as “rock.” He was a large fellow. One of our disks had a few games on it, one of which was M.U.L.E., but it didn’t work, so as far as I’m concerned, the game’s name was “Mule Doesn’t Work.” :smiley:

that doesn’t remind anybody of Napolean Dynamite?

I think its based off the hammer gif, but its longer

I had that as my avatar on wnydsm ages ago

try watchin howie’s avatar with “can’t take my eyes over you”


you are breaking my balls Howie, you are breaking my balls

uhm i really want to play that karataka or w/e. i played it as a kid somewhere a lot and it was really hard… i’d love to give it another chance… someone hook me up with the emu please : )

Just Google C64 Emulator + Karateka. It’s all over the place.

Here’s one of many:

lol thats sweet

Holy crap I love that game :lol: used to play it all the time haha. Commodore 64 was pimp…anyone have Amiga. It was like the newer version of C64 i believe. 16 bit graphics WHOA!!!

“can’t take my eeeeyes off of youuuuu…”

or over. ;c )

CCS64 is a good emulator. Gamebase 64 is a huge database of C64 games. I haven’t looked into it lately, but the last version of CCS64 I used was nearly perfect, and ran pretty much every game that I used ot play on the C64. One of the bigger projects was getting some of the bigger RPGs running, such as Bard’s Tale and Legacy of the Ancients. It’s been a few years, so maybe those work now.

I have a pretty good collection from the Gamebase library. I think it was like 100 floppies worth of games (that’s virtual C64 floppies).

Oh, and if anybody would like their ass kicked in M.U.L.E., let me know. I used to play that all the time. It was a bit better on the Atari 800, but the C64 version actually supports four players properly.