Howie's got PS2?

X… :lol:


so he has ps1 AND ps2?


when did his shit get swapped to deisel?


hes got gamecube too :lol:

that was funny…


hahaha :rofl: that was funny :rofl:

LOL that is what it said. I was following him trying to figure that out the other day…



you had to be there :stuck_out_tongue:

but noOoo…you didnt show

hahahaha…yea yea…sorry…:slight_smile:

son of a bitches…


It was the beer writing, I swear!!!

X… :beer2:

when is the last time you washed that thing Howie? :wink:

Who’s the onethat brought it up on Sunday???

<------------------This guy.

Howie, you wearing the jorts on saturday?:rofl: