Hybrid s13 s14 s15

why? s14 with s13 :axe:

but i do like this, except the wide fenders.
S13 with kouki s14

nasty shit…

s15 with s13 aftermarket front kit(ferrari)

:vom: Why indeed. Just looking at those makes me recoil in horror.

I have to say I like the S15 with the S13 front, except the front bumper.

i have allways liked the s14.5 lights the best! and with an s13 rear it looks good,
but the s13 silvia lights are still very sexy!

They all look fine to me. My favorite car is the KAZAMA S14. S13 dual reflector front end and S15 rear end.

Werd, that s15 with s13 front is HAWT!

that purple one is hottt … best front end evar

not too sure if I like the body that much… but I love the paintjob on it.

btw… what do you guys think of an S14 w/ S15 headlights and taillights?

S14.5 is alright. Visit Regency Heights to get a closer look.

its weird …I have almost all of those pics saved from yahoo auctions and around …weird someone would have all the same ones

Agreed. I love that purple one.


cant go wrong with widebody…and deep dish rims…i love it!

^^wallah jihad!

what the…are u arabic?

the purple one looks a little odd. the body dosnt look very clean to me. paint job looks great. i like the red s13 with the kouki front. now that one looks wikkid.