I am Legend 12/14 Regal

So whos in and what time?

omg cal can I come with you we can share popcorn!

i plan on goin after the sabres game… either 10:15 or 10:45…depending on when the game is over


ok lol, i’ll throw a surprise in the bag… You know what they should def have popcorn at Pharoahs wtf

lets do 10:45…

I might go Cal I will call you im going to DC at 5am…

wrd cal…im in for 10:45

dont be a bitch, im not gonna see you for a while just go, if it blows you can sleep there! i may even let you put your head on my shoulder =)


:rofl: sorry didnt mean to ignore you aaron…


In for 10:45, Fandangoing now.

I just got back from it, AWSOME MOVIE- enjoy guys

Such a good movie!

PS - There’s a billboard in the movie that has a superman logo in a batman one. Any ideas?



:tup::tup: Great movie!

And Cal got owNed in his own meet. lol.

lol oh well me, shan and aaron went to 11:50 SICK FUCKIN MOVIE :tup:

I saw it last night with Choda and a bunch of other peeps. It was ok. I think it was lacking something though. They could have had more of a plot. The ending sucked. Its like the movie is going…going…going…end. I’d give it /**