I crashed my civic, I need a good body shop ASAP

Long story short… I crashed my civic.

I was driving the speed limit but I went through a tight corner too fast, my car spun out, I hit a guard rail and almost ended up in a river…

The rear bumper is misaligned but I can fix that, I can realign the tires but the rear driver side QP has a big dent it, I think it can be fixed because its not split or anything just needs to get the dent pulled out, and I need quite a few places to be touched up with paint.

Ill take pictures tomorrow but does anyone have a ballpark $ price to get it fixed and a good shop that will do it?

what year is this civic?

HVN COLLISSION 905 472 3279

the guys name is Hratch

tell him Charles MacLeod sent you.

amazing work for a reasonable price!

its a 2002

Ill give him a call on Monday, thankyou so much :slight_smile:

where are you located ?


Understeer is a bitch


I couldn’t resist, lol, sorry I hope you fix your car bro. Next time know when to take it ezz… do it at the track.

LMFAO, nice pic

Kwality Auto
40 Airview Drive
416 744 9410
call and bring it in, tell them Junior sent you and youll get a good deal!!

They did my Nissan S14!! it came out MINT!!

Kingscross Auto Collision
19 Civic Road, Scarborough, ON M1L 2K6
Telephone : 416-750-8845

Talk to eddie, tell my uncle Kendrick sent you

19 Civic Road

lol. Is that some sort of sign to go there?