I finally got a chance to use...

My new polisher. It’s a bit different than my porter cable, but oh so much more…


What I did:
Wash with Duragloss wash
clayed (claymagic blue bar)
dried (I don’t do conventional claying with QD anymore) with sonus waffle weave

Polished with Mezerna Intensive Polish and Cyclo green polishing pad

Polished with Mezerna Final Polish II and Top of the Line White pad

Used Top of the Line yellow pad and Meguiars Dual Action Cleaner Polish for some minor scratches that the IP couldn’t remove. I wanted to try this combo anyway, so I did the rear bumper since that’s nearly impossible to ruin anymore than the previous owner did.

Sealed with Mothers FX Synwax with TOL blue finishing pads

Tires/trim have Mothers Protectant on them.



I also wiped down my dash and front windows. (I GOT TIRED grr)


looks awesome, wana do my car?? lol

i sooo need you to buff my car, lol.

I’m sure you can do a good job yourself. :slight_smile: What’s wrong with it?

my car needs love baddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

I suck at detailing, so i would never trust myself to do it. Put it this way, black car as one giant swirl mark.

I’m sorry, everybody, but I’m not doing any detailing-for-profit work. I don’t pay to advertise here for one thing, and for another I don’t really have time. I do it because I like it. :slight_smile:

I’m always willing to help/teach people though. :slight_smile:

im assuming you got the new buffer from tpgsr? just curious. i need a good detail on the slowbra when i get back but i wanted to make sure he took care of ya before i go ahead and have him do my kaa

I got the money for the polisher/pads I lent him (the same day I made the post), and I decided to put a little more money in and get something better. :slight_smile:

404wheelwellsnotclean :wink:

haha, finally had to make that thread on there to get it :lol:

glad it panned out, that thing looks :pimp:

edit: I just saw you said wheel weels not clean. haha I did wipe down the fender liner when I did the wheels but I didn’t bother with the very far rear part. I’ll get to that when I take the wheels off and clean them fully.

I don’t really have room to talk, my car is in such bad need of some TLC it’s embarassing. Good thing I live really far away and no one will ever know :noes:

ok goob, so when are you gonna teach me by showing on my car? :X

Wow, that came out really good :tup:

lol do I have to do your front bumper? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not perfect. I look at it under the street lights and see some imperfections. I think that’s just the perfectionist in me though. And with 8 year old daily driven paint you have to expect it to not be perfect. I wish it was though. :slight_smile: haha

Haha, well better than my 4 year old car