I found my new "Dealership"...

So after calling around, and getting quoted prices of $130, and a weeks wait, for the the timing belt tensioner for my car, I got online, went to RockAuto.com. $83.99 with next business day shipping. Called theym up, asked them if the part would go out today, they said they have a bunch in stock all over, said that I would have it tomorrow most likely, but Friday guaranteed.

End of story, prices are killer, and speed of delivery is like light speed compared to the god damn dealership. Satan will never see my business again.

Edit- They also don’t ask you a VIN number when you need to order a specific bolt. And take 3-5 days to get a bolt in stock. Like Ray Laks mitsu is…

LOL. :tup: glad you got something fingered out. Not get that bitch into the 13’s hoe-bag.

yeah i found them a while ago…cheap

It shouldn’t be a problem. Having a real, intact manifold to turbo gasket and Not dropping to 6-8 psi in 2nd should help enough. :lol:

Possibly track this Friday night?

great store for misc lil parts…