i had sex with a bear!!!!!!!

actually, this is the result of going on a 100 ft long slip and slid that terminated in some dry grass. it was fun tho!

that looks like it felt really good :bloated:

dont set up the slip n slide on the paved driveway and you wont have that prob next time … lol

I would have guessed newman has the stigmata…Dont worry shit will buff right out


stop calling me bear, im sick of it

Woa… your so-called Bear is a beast in the sack

Nice tan…

what color is your neck? lol

That will buff right out.

Thats gotta hurt

wow that looks like you were on the recieving end from that bear


Rumor has it… slip and slides work best with water applied

looks like a fun night to me…

actually, what happened was we used dish soap AND water. You wouldnt believe how fast i was going when i hit the grass…

I went through a bottle of Dawn on the last slip n slide I was on… At the end of the 300+ foot slide (multiple garden tarps on a hill) I tried to tackle a horse shoe stake… I think that hurt more than breaking both wrists

lol. we used 2.5 gallons of soap

nice… thats a lot of soap.

I’m getting pics this year… I think we are going to try and make it 400 feet. We bought some new tarps… and I figure if we can run and slide for 100 feet… the other 300 can be down hill.

I think another good idea would be to use an intertube or something… they slide much easier than boxors

hahha…good job tard

i love you too.