I have a problem

how about you guys post up pictures of the trophy wife one night stands you hook up with at school. maybe make a thread dedicated to it.

of course knowing this forum 90% of the thread would be lies

Look at this picture just reminds me of this movie quote

I’m telling you, she got her February
fat now in the second week in December.

She’s riding me
like a wet walrus,

making these fat sounds.

- Thwap, thwap, thwap.

but hey you know what they say about fat girls. They suck the best dick cause they are always hungry

This thread should definetly be created

If she lost 10-15 pounds, she wouldnt be bad looking I dont think. Her arms kill it for me though.

She’s not that big.

Trust me when I say that. I weigh 140lbs, I know the difference between a skinny body and a mcdonalds fed child.

HOly fuck those are arms…I thought that was another girls legs


a vagina is a vagina

you say that until one eats your arm or you find a 2 week old lost chicken wing or turkey drumstick

thats when you tell her you have to piss and don’t come back :lol

No need to post up girls I’ve been with. Those who know, know… and those who don’t, don’t need to. No need to exploit them so people give me attention. :thumbup

exploitation of women for your own benefit is what life is all about.

what kind of man are you

Keep it sick. Women are objects

I can tell you right now, LKSi, gets the good ones.


if some of us posted a pic of our gf, let alone hook ups, some of the losers on here would cream in their pants, and the others would have to leave the room and jerk off.


Hey I only posted her picture because the clownasses in this thread requested it. No dirt off my shoulders.

Most people on here would search the web for some model-looking CP chick and then try to claim that they slept with her. :lol

100% agreed i feel bad for them…btw sick sig, prolly one of my fav movies ever…i know way off topic

I love the part where they dump the paint on his head and when he is leaving he goes “FUCK ALL OF YOU! FUCK YOU!” and slams the paddle on the ground before getting in his car and taking off like 90% of the members on this forum drive.

im not even remotely and never have been a pothead, but dazed and confused is one of the funniest movies…you can watch it ten times in a row and find a part you never noticed before each time…

I’m watching it when I get home.

Good call.

+1… girl I saw him with in morrisville was easily 30 times better looking than leo’s slam pig