I left a stain on transit Rd.

I was on my way to eastern hills mall tonight and all of a sudden i hear a deep purrr. It wasnt my arse after too much don pablo’s. It was a black aston martin DB9, I gave him the ol’ thumbs up but he didnt seem to impressed my my love for his car, but he was on the phone. After the warm protien spill in my pants i drove on to the mall with a half chub.

Seen him a few weeks ago, very pimp ride indeed :tup:

lol nice, i seen a brght green 68-69 mustang mach 1, sounded NICE, like hella beefy, im guessin it had the 428 cobra jet by the sound, maby not, but it was somthin big. I creamed myself like 4 times…it was a beutiful thing.

they are sooo expensive, but a pimp “ride” lol

i seen it around