I must be drunk......

So I feel like a total moron, and Im sure my boss thinks Im on crack… I just had this conversation with my manager at work…

(I have to call every day half hour to an hour before Im scheduled to make sure they need me to come in, and I work around 7:00 in the mornin every day…)

Me- “Hello”
Work- " Whats up"
Me- “Nothin, whats up”
Work- " “Nothing, what do you want…”
Me- “Um…, to see if you want me to come into work”
Work- “What the hell are you taling about”
Me- “What?”
Work- “Why would I need you to come into work now?”
Me- “Cuz this is when I always call”
Work- “Did you just wake up or something?”
Me- “Yeah… so…”
Work- “Its like 6:30 at night”
Me- “WHAT!?!!?, its not 6:30 in the mornin”
Work- (laughing) “no, its still thursday, and its 6:30 at night” (alaughing)
Me- “uh… ok then I’ll talk to you L8er”
Work- (laughing) “Ok talk to you tomorow” (laughing)

So yeah, apparently I came home from work and took a nap, cuz I dont remember falling asleep, and this is about how tired I am at 6:30 in the morning so I just assumed it was friday morning already…


should get a job selling in the store. Actual hours > that

its better then my hours

2pm untill 2am

are you a nurse :frowning:

I make more doing what I do, and Im just keepin this till I find my real job

yea, it is…


i did the exact opposite before

came home from work @ 530 pm and tooks a quick nap in bed … didnt set my alarm

woke up at 7 … figured it was 7pm so i set my alarm just in case and went back to bed … slept thru the workday because my alarm is set for 645 am and didnt turn it on till after it was supposed to sound


what’s your real job heh

My friend makes $120 in comission weekly it seems. Just don’t go in there asking her for a banana split, goodness… :dunno:

a job with my degree in Geology

what kind of job is that this is confusing.

You work at Delta with a degree in GEO? :lol:

I do hate when that happens though, gotta take a double check and see if its AM ir PM

I’ve done the am/pm switch a few times in my life. it’s traumatizing.
get more sleep there, dan :c )

I had the job while I was in school. Its not like I got a degree then applied for delta sonic… I just havent gotten anything yet in my field


ive done something on the lines of that before…nice one :tup: hahhahaha

yeah the ole switcherooo is a tricky bastard

i always hated calling in…

i make like 400 a week but thats like 60 hours :confused:


i once woke up so hungover/confused in the morning i drove about 5 miles towards work til i realized i had my buddy promise to cover for me for that day :owned: it sure did feel good to get back into bed though :lol: