i need a damn mouse that works

2nd optical microsoft mouse ive gone through… first one a wire broke inside the USB cable somewhere… cant find where… second mouse the cursor keeps shooting to the corner of the screen for no reason… REALLY FUCKING ANNOYING IN WC3… I need a mouse that will WORK for more than a few months!!!

edit: suggestions?

wireless optical works for me. just get some nicd rechargables.

Wierd never had problems with the one I’ve owned for 4 years. I have some extra PS/2, and serial mice laying around of the microsoft variety. (2-button with scroll wheel)

yea i had a problem with a microsoft opitcal… then i went back to my regular hp mouse

Never tried a Microsoft optical. I’ve had this here Logitech MX500 for a while now and never a problem. Precise enough to game competitively with (yeah, its sad admitting that) and ergonomically designed IMHO for easy grasping and such. Now they make the Bluetooth 510 or something like that in its place, but virtually the same thing. I’d recommend that, sir.

logitech makes one that comes with a charger/base for the mouse, and its leather wrapped.


yo Tom…

why don’t you call microsoft and tell em about it?

last time i heard about microsoft product, they will replace it for FREE…

might want to tell em about ur broken mice…who knows they’ll replace all of em at no charge…

ball 4 lyf3


These are pretty cool…I doubt you would have any use for it but I just thought it was cool and wanted to post it.


I’ve been using a MS Wireless for almost a year now and no problems, hell I just changed the batteries a couple of weeks ago even thos every one says they only last a couple of months…I even think I’ve got an extra laying around if you want to buy…

I have one that you can have, when I pick my shit up i will give it to you

yeah, work the microsoft warranty. i’ve noticed that ms serial numbers tend to rub off for a while, so i’d recommend sticking some tape or something over it when you get a new product because they won’t honor the warranty otherwise. after i got shafted that way and they redesigned all their stuff i liked i went logitech and haven’t looked back, and the logitech warranty is way better.

you: “my logitech project stopped working”
logitech: “ok keep it, we’ll mail you a new one right away”

i didnt event think about the warrenty… o well… the hp ball mouse with no pad is working fine for now… but i do need to get a new keyboard, my arrow keys stick because some dumb ass decided to spill pepsi all over it. anyone have a recomondation for a keyboard?

edit: lol gee i wonder what type of person would buy this keyboard

http://www.daskeyboard.com/ :tup:

I only have 101-keys D:!

toda and i swear by the IBM MO27FO :tspry:

i like my explorer3.0