I need your help!!!

As the year closes I am in need of about 60 sold cars to reach my personal goal of 300 units for the year, if it is here or another basil location please keep me in mind! I send out referrals and all the guys I have sold vehicles to from here I have taken care of and made sure they get the best deal possible.
so for all of your vehicle needs please keep me in mind
call/text 716 479 1084

as the year closes double cab Silverado’s will have a huge discount as well as strong lease programs!

John Kramer

I’m looking at buying a Tacoma :slight_smile: 2017. I’ve been shopping around town but haven’t decided yet. Do you have any?

(((((Basil Chevy)))))


I can sell you one from our Toyota store, send me a text 716 479 1084

Any left over or low-mile used 2015 Suburbans or Yukon XLs with the Max Tow package? My dad is casually looking, but if the right one is found, he may purchase.

I had a great experience with John Kramer. Everything was done quickly and worked with me every step of the way to ensure I got the best deal. Will be going back when my wife’s lease is up.

haven’t had any 15s in probably a year, have a few 16s with big money off,

I only saw 1 2016 on the website, and it did not have the Max Towing package. That is a must have for my father so he can get the 3.42 gears instead of the 3:08.

@Kramer is a top notch dude. Go buy a car from him.

I’ve got a 2011 silverado z71 5.3 extended cab with 85k on it. I’m looking at trading in and getting the same thing, new.

Give me a call or PM and let me know what deals you have and what you can do on a trade.

13k off double cab Silverado tag units, text me I have 6 or 7 left