In the market for a truck

So as most of you guys know by now I sold my car yesterday within an hour of having it posted on Craigs List. I’m honestly shocked it sold so quickly.

I’m going to be in the market for a new or very low mileage truck. Ideally I’m looking for something with a V6, automatic transmission, 4x4, and an extended cab. I’ve been doing my bit of research and I really to seem like the Nissan Frontier and the Toyota Tacoma. I’m just looking for some feed back (if any) on the pro’s and con’s of these vehicles. I’m also open to other suggestions of makes on trucks. Again I’m not looking to get into a truck bigger then a Frontier or Tacoma, something comparable to them.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

You cannot go wrong with a Tacoma.

I’d opt for the V6, though. The 4 banger I drove was pretty sluggish, even with the manual transmission. And that was with an empty bed.

V6/5spd auto/4x4 seems like a bulletproof combo from the reviews I’ve read. I came SO close to trading my car in for one, but I just couldn’t settle for the insane hit I’d be taking by trading the Cobalt in (I bought new and now the thing is worth less than half it’s value after only 3 years in service). After figuring out your drivetrain combo, it’s just a matter of figuring out which cab and bed combo you want.

Does Lia have anything in stock? The salesmen there are relatively helpful and won’t hesitate to let you take the truck out for an hour or so. Also, your brother drives a Tundra, right? How’s his luck been with it so far?

Good luck.

pm baumbauer he works at lia and can hook you up with a good deal.


Can’t go wrong with Toyota. I’m sold on their reliability. I’ve been looking at swapping the Lexus for a truck but I keep buying cars LOL. Other problem is I drive a lot for work, so mileage is fairly important.

Tundra seems like overkill, but I’d reccomend one of those too.

Here’s what I’ve been eyeing as of lately, still trying to get him to sell it to me: :rofl

The off-road styling like the truck above looks cool, but it’s fucking worthless if the truck is going to mainly be your DD. You’d be much better off just sticking to the OEM TRD off-road package, or buying a full-size because that’s the best MPG you’re going to get with the thing lifted in the air and riding on anything but all-seasons.

I don’t know about some of you, but as far as my future DD’s go, I am done with modding them. 100% OEM, no aftermarket bullshit, right down to the OEM-branded air filter ftw [in a daily].

My neighbor bought his Nissan Frontier brand new in 1998 and has beat the living shit out of it and has not had one problem

Damn, that thing is sick all done up.

My brother really likes his truck but like Ryan said, it’s overkill for what I need it for. I have a friend that works at the Lia dealership and I’ve mentioned to him that I am interested in either truck. I’m definitely leaning more towards a Toyota.

My civic was completely un-modded and I plan on keeping my future truck the same way. I don’t need a truck with all the bells and whistles but I also don’t want one with rubber floors and crank windows either.


OK, just wheels!


That bed is pointless though. I like the ext. cab verison better.

Bed is indeed pointless. I don’t need a huge bed though cus I just need to take out trash etc. I take dads diesel if I need something bigger.

Heh, I said the same thing when I was looking at them.

The ext cab is perfect if you need to throw a backpack or something back there and still be able to carry a passenger comfortably up front. I suppose you could fit smaller adults/kids back there too but not for long distances.

This is the import generation… eventually they will be named as a generation that hurt America… but gawd that black Yota is hot…i wanna barrell through the desert in one.

I wouldnt trust a Toyota these days with all the recalls.

I havent heard anything good or bad about the Nissans.

Another option is the Suzuki Equator which is a rebadged Nissan Frontier and it might be a little cheaper.


Have you been following the story at all? It’s the Audi recall of our generation. Company’s reputation is damaged because people are idiots and want to cash in on the situation.

The only legitimate recall Toyota had was concerning trucks when they’ve bought back everybody’s truck at IIRC 150% of excellent retail value, which 99% were simply not, so all the owners made good money on the deal.

OP - What are your needs out of a truck?

yea the recalls for toyota are a joke, all we do is cut off and “reshape” the bottom of the gas pedal just to make the gas pedal more idiot proof for dumbshits with too many floor mats.

i swear prius drivers are the smartest stupid people in the world

by the way, i have a box of gas pedal cut offs that i save bc i think its hilarious

'05 GM 3500 HD crew, dually, fullsize bed, Duramax, Allison, white…oh wait that’s the truck I’m looking for :lol Basically a twin of my sisters tow truck :slight_smile:

Really can’t go wrong with the above though. I still average about 20mpg with that beast regardless if I’m getting lunch, or towing 15Klbs.

Exactly ^. If you have a choice, go with a diesel.

My 99 E350 with the Triton 5.4 gets about 8mpg.

regardless of how much they paid a rotting out frame on a truck is a big issue.

Theres a new recall every week on some kind of Toyota and its not just gas pedals.