13k off silverado double cab tag unit 6 or 7 left

As the title states as long as it is a tag unit you can get 13k off a Silverado double cab 6 or 7 left. Please come and see me ASAP don’t text me then fall off the face of the planet I would imagine they will be gone by the end of today or tomorrow

716 479 1084

Forwarded this to someone, but I’m not sure how soon they’d be able to buy.

thank you, 100 bucks to anyone who sends someone in

Would be cool to see a link to the vehicles




here are the links to the trucks there are now only 4 left and one is not even posted because we burned through them so fast!

as of now this is one I have left buy for 32035 plus tax/plates


My dad is gonna call you if you have anything left.


tell him to call me 716 479 1084

bump, someone take advantage of this great deal

As of now this truck is still available, please contact me for a great deal, to my knowledge this is the last one left and I would imagine that is won’t last past noon

is that really where they chose to put the radio antenna on these?

two deals fell apart so I have a red hot one and a siren red non z71 still available

Any chance on trading in the wife’s equinox? We are only a year into the lease and she wants a truck.

depends on what she has left on her lease

we will have aggressive deals from now till the end of the year! Ended up getting a deal out of this post so pretty happy about it, keep them coming!

Every Silverado from the 2007 re-styling to current has the antenna there for satellite/onstar as far as I know. I hate it, but you eventually forget about it.

Thanks for dealing with my dad (Wayne M.) on the truck, I know he can be a real PITA some times. :tup:


Any good lease deals? Or will there be anything good for black Friday?
Looking to split a lease with my father on a truck soon.

Yes come see me, a board members father just got a truck from me

Huge :tup: man. I was happily surprised to see a referral check from you/basil today. That was not needed, you having to deal with my dad is enough thanks for me.
Very much appreciated :tup: