I think I'd rather have my balls cut off...

than endure this…



you know, i clicked on this thread, haven’t watched the vid, don’t really want to, but i know damn well i’m about to

i’ve seen this vid before. that had to hurt so bad, lol. i’m sure that guy didn’t walk right for a while after that

And the worst about it, with all the pain the poor guy is in, EVERYONE is gathering around and probably laughing at him… I know I would! :lol:

hahahahaha dumb skater fuck

he was a skater boi he said see you late-a boi

boi and boi rhyme? awome!

thats definintely a busted a-bone

owww…i dont think that will function right after that one…for a looooong time

ouch, that sucks, wow almost speachless

seen this before… I dont even think he hit anything but his ass on that other ramp…still ouch:whip:


omg that may require stitches to repair his ripped asshole.