I was super bored...

So I shaved away my air vents, and put in gauges.




and then I was really bored, and had a few bucks laying around… so i bought this.




its a motorized, touchscreen, DVD, CD, RADIO, SIRUIS, XM, IPOD, MP3, TV TUNER, etc. etc. all in one. I absolutely love it.

No you didn’t :slight_smile:

nice screen beck. what are you going to do about heating the car in the winter if you have your vents shaved? just run the defroster? and why don’t you get bored and fix that bondo’d dash.

OT: room mate’s SUPER pissed at me…you might be getting in sooner than we thought.

Yes I did :slight_smile:

whats with the on/off switch?

you should have used the fighter pilot missle button to arm your Nos instead :wink:

Sell the DVD screen and buy some real gauges :wink:

its for the lights in the gauges. and to power the dvd player :frowning:

a lil while ago i posted about how i fried my ignition wire going to my cd player…so the only way to get power to the cd player (that was easiest) was a switch going to the battery. I need to get it fixed and done before i get rid of the car.

side vents man…side vents…that is if i even drive it in the winter :snky:

meh it doesn’t really bother me… it was just i had them laying around the house, and was super bored…plus wanted some eye candy. I’m trying not to dump too much money into this car, just for the fact that I will most definitely be in something new by the end of winter.

when i do get the new car… Defi 4L

If you really did, I’m jealous

price of stereo = turbo kit

you lose

good day SIR

I KNOW I KNOW, I really shouldn’t have spent what I did.

But here’s how I see it. I wanna be in a new car, or slightly used car by the end of winter.

There’s no point in me buying a turbo kit, or rims, or something along that line, for a specific car (jetta), when I’m not going to be driving it in 2 months.

If my lug pattern was 5x100 or something universal 5 lug, I woulda had rims a while ago…but the fact that none of my new car ideas are 4 lug…why buy $1k+ rims?

Atleast with the money I spent, I can take the DVD player out, when I trade the jetta in, and then proceed to put it into the new car. Believe me, it crossed my mind to buy rims, or a turbo kit.

So in actuality… buying a $1k plus stereo thats pimp and the ladies love (oh god i sound like mordak) and being able to swap into the new car >>>>>>>>> turboing a 10 year old car, and running into all sorts of problems and downtime, to only get rid of it in 2 months.

Flux capacitor.

But didn’t you just buy the car?

<<<<< 94wvwglxvr6
Me “Shit, Beck, i like how you shaved this trunk. It looks good. Your shit is slammed!!”

Beck “Ya, I’m happy with the stance. Before the end of the season, it’s gonna be a 2.0t. I don’t want somethign crazy fast, just something that’ll get out of it’s own way. it has forged internals already, you know.”

Fucking liar.
and Bright Eyes is for pussies.

fucking vw’s are for pussies


i just dont feel like driving around a 10 year old car, when now that i make decent money I dont have to.

im looking to get into a hyundai tiburon or mazda protege 5. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey… nothing wrong with a 10 year old car! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks nice :tup:

what about howie’s long block/heanzel’s turbo kit… wtf.

i talked to brian… hes looking to keep his turbo kit now, for a new car. :gotme:

and im not fucking around with the electronics and wiring on my only DD car in order to swap in a 1.8t.