I'm Back


On two wheels :smiley:


Ride safe, wear crocs and that beater only plz


Congrats again, looks great!


Thanks fellas!

lol @maxwell I actually just ordered some new gear! My icon armor jacket gets WAY too hot so I ordered one of those armor vests, I’m pretty stoked.

Also got an alarm and a disc lock, first time I’ve ever had security for my bike.

I have to say it’s a different type of drive than my old GSXR 1000. It has a flat spot from idle to about 5K where the GSXR would crush it off the line, but after 5K it would blow the GSXR away

I read to get rid of this “spot” I need to tune it and add velocity stacks, but that may be a winter project.

Neither bike was as smooth as my CBR though.

I’m hoping to enjoy many years with this one!