import night friday?

who is all going?

I will be heading up with mrossman in his hatch.

i’ll be their as ling as i get my tranny leak fixed or it stops smoking either or

i’ll go assuming it doesn’t rain…

i might head up…the site says sport compact 4, and 6 cylinders i wish they would let my POS get burnt bye everyone…also does anyone know if there is test and tune friday or just straight sport compact

im trying to go… i have a wedding rehearsal dinner to go to, but im trying my best to skip it.

I was going to try and go but I have to work…If I get someone to switch with me and drive about 400 miles by then (clutch break-in) I’ll be there

drop it off at hybrid today…ill throw 400 on it for you, im on vaca this week. :eek4dance :eek4dance :eek4dance

i’ll be there, but i don’t think i’ll be racing my car anymore it’s to damn slow…16.9

you can fab me up some IC piping!!!

Lol, I do need to bring it up there sometime though cuz George said he’d help me tune my AFC some more.

4 & 6’s? the buick boys are lickin their chops.

4>buicks 6’s!!!

we’re here now, come on down… :grouphug:

yes you can run any 4 or 6 cylinder car or rotary. I am sure their will be at least one GN there. classes are comp 4, power4, 6cylinder/rotary.

i will probally go up with the rest of the hybrid crew…not going to race…the turbo is on the clutch is broke in …the tuning is no where close

awwwwww left out again… but i bet the escort would destroy if tehre is bracket racing… work 3-11:( though