Innovative Tuning - Shop Info

Innovative Tuning is a performance shop based in West Seneca (Buffalo, NY) specializing in Japanese imports. We have also been known to supply parts for, and tune, all manner of vehicles. You can view a PARTIAL list of performance brands we carry here:

We offer complete builds including parts, tuning, and install here and by our friends next door at Hybrid Connection. Whether you know exactly what you want, or if all you have is a goal and budget in mind, we can handle everything you need to meet or exceed your goals.

We offer engine management tuning and an in-house Dyno Dynamics 2WD variable load chassis dyno. We are AEM and Hondata factory certified and offer tuning on several other systems.

Here is a PARTIAL list of the engine and turbo management systems we tune:
E-Manage (Greddy)
HP Tuners
Hydra EMS
LS1/LT1 Edit
MAF Translator
StreetTUNER (Cobb)
UTEC (TurboXS)

We also offer tuning of AEM and other traction control systems, data analysis, race support and more!

We tune EFI NA and forced induction applications. We don’t tune carbs or rotary engines. Of course, you’re still more than welcome to tune those setups on our dyno.

We have 112 octane unleaded race fuel on tap at the shop as well as NGK plugs, Falken Azenis sport tires, silicone couplers, Amsoil, Royal Purple, boost controllers, and other supplies in stock.

Shop hours are Monday-Friday 10am-6pm EST and Saturday by appointment only. We can also come in early or stay late by appointment for those whose schedules do not mesh with ours.


Mike is the man. He will get you anything you need, you just have to ask. If things go wrong with an order or you recieve the wrong part, he will do everything in his power to make things right. Great guy to deal with!

Thanks Matt. I take great pleasure in hammering suppliers on the occasion that they screw up. :headbang: :smiley:


did you get my PM?


I just noticed it. Getting you info now and I’ll PM you back. :tspry:

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Add Haltech to the list of standalones. I’ve heard a lot of trash talk about them online, but it did the trick on Bryan’s turbo Tib.

Also add Cobb ProTUNER, the new software which allows us to completely custom reflash your Subaru. Call/E-mail us for details!