Installing Dish TV 101

If you dont have the right tools to do the job correctly just use your 22cal handgun…


And we think people should have the right to own guns…why?

Your an idiot…


So when an idiot like this breaks into your house, you don’t get shot because it’s illegal to own guns.

Remember, when you take away the right to own a gun, that doesn’t change the illegal guns that are out on the streets, thats just an open invite to an unarmed home.

killed by a 22 after going thru a wall. im kinda impressed

well he probably got the hole opened up a bit with the first shot. then the next shot when right thru and into his wifes chest and bounced around in there for a few until she died

Obviously there are no standards or requirements besides the obvious to owning a gun. Someone who’s going to use it to drill a hole in their wall is deemed intelligent enough to own one to protect his house? All that accomplished was the murder of his wife.


And now where are the people claiming I was retarded for suggesting a 22 would be good enough for personal defense? :D:D:D

Good defense.

i’m surprised the round made it through the wall and had enough force to kill someone

22 is the most deadliest bullet

any bullet is deadly