Intake & Exhaust manifolds

Would it be worth it to pick up an Intake manny, TB, and Exhaust manny from the boneyard, bore them myself with a dremel, and expect decent gains?

I’m not expecting an extra 300 horsepower here, just an extra .1-.5 or so shaved off my times… but would doing this help?

How hard would it be?

You might see a couple extra horse from doing this. A lot of people with WRXs port out their stock exhaust manifold collectors instead of buying a header. A good aftermarket header on a subaru will net you 20 or so whp, and I’m sure with people’s home port job, they aren’t anywhere close due to the inferior design of the manifold. Just port-matching between the motor and the manifolds helps flow and spool up a tiny bit. You might see gains, but it probably won’t be noticeable.

Good luck with a dremel… Go with a die grinder of sorts. 20krpm or so on an electric one that you can pick up at Harbor freight for around $30…

why dont u just pick up a 2.3 HO intake manifold and TB… buy a spacer off jbody for like $10 and slap that shit on. only problem you might run into is that your linkage might snag- but you can fab as you go to make it clear… not a huge project- but it should give you a better gain than just porting out your stockie…which…i believe is plastic… goodluck with that… whore over on j-body- there’re a thousand posts on the ‘swap’…

Rubicant, my dremel will run up to either 15K or 20K, and I have that stupid long attachment that SHOULD work.

whitenblue, I was also entertaining the idea of the 2.3 manifold. I’ll have to search the boneyards for a complete setup though, I’d like to upgrade the TB as well, seeing that my car comes stock with a 52mm, and the 2.3 has a 56mm.

The only things I’ve read about the swap so far that concern me, is hooking up the sensors, and the linkage to work properly, without throwing codes.

i think Nick (DJ Nick) had a mani/TB… if not- there’s always one for sale in the classifieds on jbody. dont even waste your time with the stock manifold… it’s crap.

the linkage is as simple as fabbing a bracket to allow the linkage ot clear. and as for codes- you deal with those as you go- if you even throw any. it’s hit and miss- some cars throw them, some dont.

I was thinking about checking with M&M.

Any idea on their flat rate for Intake mans. & TBs ?

crap - i used to have a price list - it really can’t be very much, their shit is dirt cheap :tup:

Joel, if they sell engines and trannys for $100 flat (IIRC) the TB and manny shouldn’t be more than $30.

Forget the dremel, it isn’t about RPM as much as it is about torque. You need an eletric 1/4 die grinder or an air die grinder. The dremel will take you weeks

That’s the point I was trying to get at. The dremel doesn’t have enough juice to chew up the cast iron exhaust manifold like a nice 4amp+ die grinder does.

Ahhh ok, now it’s making a bit more sense…

And ballpark… what would a die grinder sell for?


And make sure you pick up some decent bits too, because I’m sure they get chewed up pretty quick.