Intake options

I’m speaking in terms of NA cars. If you’re boosted, feel free to add to the post, alter anything to fit your particular needs.

The ones I know of:


Short ram (warm air)


And I’ve heard of a CAI which funnels a large diameter, into a small TB sized diameter.

Now of these, we can vary the design:

Enclosed, or Open filter element

We can also build a short ram, and CAI that lead into one pipe, which leads into the TB.

So which design works the best for:

Daily Driving?
1/8 mile?
1/4 mile?
Auto X?

wow dude youre all gung ho about the going fast

Do what the gtp boiiz do, make an airbox that goes directly behind the headlamp, so you can take the headlamp out and have the intake box open at the front of the car…

This is the amazing powa you get by doing that lol

Not just the GTP boiiz :wink:

GTP gurlz?


No doofus… Monte Carlo gurlz lol

I’ve always been into speed and drag racing…

But more and more, since this past January, I actually began thinking more and more about shit.

I planned on a short ram intake, enclosed element, with a duct right under the car :slight_smile:

And perhaps in the future, I may discuss my post-boost invention, if someone would care to help build a prototype and such.

The inherent disadvantage to that is youre going to suck everything on the road. The headlight thing is good IMO because its the shortest path to the airbox/intake. There is a reason one eyed gtps are so popular at the track…

edit: cars are soooo gay. Theyre nothing but boxes that you throw money into, never to see again…

So the shortest path is the best?

A short ram vs. long ram or whatever… whichever has the shortest path is best?

I heard short ram was best for low end power, CAI was best for top end.

thats my opinion, simple>*. Having some crazy ducting is going to cause more turbulence etc etc. Im not familiar with the cavi intake setup, but I know in gps it creates pretty much a straight shot to the intake. The more turns the air has to make the more it will slow down.

Z24 - TB faces up towards the hood, slightly angled back.

TB is offset from the center line of the hood to the pass. side about 4-6"

You can see that there is a straight shot from the headlight to the tb. If yours is anything like that, than thats what I think you should do… never have to worry about sucking up puddles, and have it wide open at the track…

God I want that engine. And his is a little off to the left if I can recall correctly.


And my TB is very close to where the oil cap is.

you got the 2.4L? If so, the WAI will only give it a better sound when you’re on the gas. A CAI is the answer for performance gains, for sure. (I have a WAI on my 2.4L)

For best performance gains, you want the coldest air possible.

Cold air = more dense air = more oxygen

CAI, that’s it.

And screw the “take your headlight off” idea. When you are running around on the street, and someone wants to race you, are you going to be like “Oh, hold on, lemme take my headlight off!” :tdown:

ya sleepy, thats the idea.

One of the boxes I make, on bench
front of car (notice the fender scoop)
block the under hood heat

It’s only like a mesurable .05 change. I don’t need that on the steet :^)
Still 2-3 tenths better then a stock setup. And you can see the mph improve past the 1/8 with the car moving. no headlight just maxiumize it. And gets the intake temps down a littler faster engin heat heat soak form the car parked and sitting in the lanes. On the street that dosn’t really happen. Either way after 2-4sec WOTall the hotter then ambint air gets draw in and then your running on ambent for the pull.
Open cones are louder, and dyno better, but you don’t drive arond with the hood up.

Airbox is also better for the winter. And hevey water (headlight in, street style)

i built my cold air kit for my GS and GN


Street racing is ghey

Ok, now what if I were to build a CAI, but shorter than the average short ram intake?

The length from filter to TB would be about 6"

And does the length of the tubing have any effect on low end, or top end performance?

Thanks again for the replies, it’s helping out a lot!

Lenght of the tubing might have a minute effect, but once again nothing you are going to really notice. You would notice differences in tubing lengths with a turbocharged car, but I don’t think so much with NA. Prime examples are DSMs making more power on the same setup as subaru, because of the rediculous amount of plumbing required for exhaust manifold and FMIC piping. More piping = more area to pressurize = more lag etc. You will see a bigger difference in the temp of the air being sucked in like howie said. If your CAI extends an extra 4" into the fender, but is sucking in cooler air than what is in the engine bay, you may be making more power…