Interest in helmet group buy?

As of January 1, 2006 it will be required that everyone racing at an NECC Solo2 event wears a helmet that is Snell95 approved or higher. This means helmets that are just DOT approved will not be allowed at any Solo event, including our events. DOT helmets are okay for Bud Park, but there are stricter rules for road racing.

So for Solo2 next year these are the Snell helmets that will be allowed:


M=Motorcycle K=Kart SA=Special Applications Racing (Road) The number is the year they fit approval for. New standards are released every year.

So, since I think very few of us have one of these helmets, I would like to start a group buy. I will have to check into prices of the different types. I don’t really want to cheap out because, well, its your head you are protecting.

So, depending on price, would you want to buy a helmet?

You know I’m totally in for this one. I can’t wear the purple helmet anymore, it’s a little too small, and gay looking :lol:

Depending on price I would be in.

Again, depending on price I’m in.

down but what is price

I’m with the stupids. If it’s relatively cheap I’d take one now. :smiley:

also depending on price and time in which this group buy will happen. if its going down around springs count me in for sure.

I’m in. Good call Dave.

Are ya willing to ship a helmet over to Vancouver, BC if the price is right on the GB?

Tell me what brand you guys are looking at getting… I might be able to swing something with one of my distributors.


Not sure yet. Havent looked too far into it. Wanted to see if there was interest first. Bell? HJC? Sparco? Simpson?

What brands can you get?

I havent researched them too much. I’ve heard HJC is really good for the price. There only downside from what I hear is wind noise but if you are in a car, who cares? Unless its a Super 7…

Yeah I could probably ship one to you at your expense if the deal is worth it.

I’m in as long as the helmets are cheap and snell approved. I can’t use a helmet that’s not snell approved, here in Regina on our track.

Ya, im in for sure :yeah:

My earnhart style helmet just has to go…lol.

next year i will be starting to get into thte solo and the track events so i would most likley be in if the price is right. how much do helmets usually go for?

I’m in (price pending) :smiley:

I completely forgot about this tentative group buy. Maybe there’s a local vendor that NECC can approach and work out some kind of group discount, that way we can try on helmets and make sure they fit properly. Just throwing that out there :slight_smile:

TTT Will have prices today.

Sweet get a price on an Uber huge helmet (I have a big head)