Introductions - New users please post intros here


Hey im new too, need sr20 help wisdom please msg



Just breaking the cherry on the first post: I`m currently thinking about getting a 240sx to daily, very likely to get one unless the current ones on kijiji comes heavy with problems.


Hi folks

ex 200SX S13 owner from Croatia, Europe

greets all


Hey Guys My name is Jeremy, everyone calls me Jay, I live in Caledonia ontario, and I drive a 1992 Nissan 240sx


Hey guys my name is kareem I drive a black s14 zenki, long time lurker first time poster.


Hey, I’m Cody bought a 93 S13 not too long ago just in the process of getting it to where I want it. I’m living in Borden, ON.


Hey erybody, the name is charles, 93 S13, RB25DET swapped. Northern Ontario…


Hey names Jay got a s13 coupe shell not to long ago. I plan on swaping a SR in the spring. I have wanted one for a long time now. So I’m going to take my time and build it before I put it on the road or I will just trailer it if the build gets out of hand. My intentions are to go drifting with it.

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1994 Nissan 180sx, Recently finished a full S15 front end conversion, Redtop SR20 . Selling this car as priorities have arrived check For Sale forum



Bought a 1992 Nissan 240sx with an SR20 swap this spring. Many things I want to change/fix about this car that I bought as a project to learn welding, electric body, paint, etc on it. PO decided to use fake grass glued with spray adhesive as the floor carpet for example. Car interior is now stripped until I have more time. Goal is to have it as a decent looking and running track day fun car.