Although most of us know each other I thought I’d start a post for introductions

I’m Scott
Cars:Arctic White Pearl Z32 300ZX,Deep Fuchsia 89 S13 Coupe


I’d be Tyler (hard to tell form my handle, i know)
I drive a 1989 Orient Blue 240sx


I’m TJ
Lapis blue '90 300ZX


My name is Reid

I drive a Sunburst (Speeding Ticket) Yellow Sentra SE-R Spec V


Im Barry
Sold the shitty one and now i got a Gold 1990 240


No one knows me yet but i’m Rob
i drive a 92 240SX Super Hicas SE


I’m Dave. I drive a black S13, just like everyone else here does. :smiley:


dave u drive the black one thats always around riverbend? if you are i’ve seen you alot and love ur car


im bob (steve for some LOL)

i drive a 92 240sx se
super hicas


I’m Andru and I am an alcoholic… :frowning: Shit this isn’t adac??? :lol:

I drive a black Z31 with a few mods, some cosmetic, some go. Also currently working on my `71 240 Z project, :wink:


I’m Double “A” Ron. lol.

I drive a red S13. Stock. :wink:


Im Flavio
I drive a white S13 coupe and i have an air filter.



2002 Silver Spec V


My name is Vic, I own a 1987 Nissan Pathfinder…I will notify the people on


Red 89 240sx :smiley:


Nope, not me, mine sits in my garage outside of the city.


Which black one? There are a few 240’s in riverbend. I’ve seen a black one with a wing and decals, then there is Jared’s green 240 and then my blue one, what others are there?


black S13 probably 89-90 lowered exhaust.?
i dunno what it has but it looks nice.
no wing last time i saw it. (couple weeks ago)
seen bothe the green and blue and both are nice as well :slight_smile:


I am Paul
'87 200sx turbo
the"original" silvia


I let my '91 Sentra sit in the garage because I’m too poor to drive it during school.
EDIT: Also because the windows haven’t been fixed yet.