Introductions - New users please post intros here


For all new users, please intruduce yourselves in this thread, just so we all know a little about you, name, age location and car will suffice.
Also please read through the FAQ and Tech sections, you will find a lot of usefull info about the 240’s.



Names Matt,
live in kw
i’m 20

Own 2 240’s

1 gold, 1 flatbalck both 90 hb


My Name is Mike
I’m from the Thornhill area
I have a Maroon 1989 Nissan 240SX Coupe

Currently working on my project S13 Silvia. I need to find a local TO shop that is capable of doing the SR swap.



My names Jon
Im 19 from Richmond Hill

I drive black 1990 s13



Found him wandering helplessly on #240sx on EFnet (IRC).
Had to give him a new home. :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

My name’s Renny. I’m in Markham, Ontario and I just bought a 1995 240sx. OH YEAH!!!

I love this rear-wheel drive car…so tight…

Just to give you an idea how happy I am, my last car was a 1989 FORD TEMPO. I just bought it, so no mods yet, but after the winter, I plan on doing some. For starters, I got to get some sway bars and rims. Then the breathing…

I just saw the notice about the meet on Oct 5 at Square 1 in Mississauga…hope I will be there…but we’ll see!!!

I’m gonna try.

Later, :smiley:



I’m E-Jay. I’m 19 yrs. old from Brampton (B-Town!)

I used to own a Civic but cancelled my insurance to save money. So now I drive my mom’s Caravan :P.

I was a Civic-head but after my cousin had me watch Inital D last March I started looking into other Japanese cars. I then paid close attention to American JDM drifting events held at California like Falken Tires, RS*R, and US D1.

I couldn’t believe when Signal was hosting an event here in Brampton! I found out through this Nissan club. I met Kida, Bai, and Kouri (too bad Komatsu aka Drifter X wasn’t there). I was also surprised to see that Canadians have a strong drifting following. Great job to those who competed.

I plan to buy a 240 of my own but probably after I graduate. I’m reading as much as I can so I can apply that when I do get one. I buy at least 6 mags a month (Sport Compact, Super Street, Import Racer, Modified, Turbo, Import Tuner) and I’ve purchased a few dvd’s via (everyone check out Hashiriya it feat. Chunky Bai and Drifter X). I’m interested in grip racing as well and want to incorporate that into drifting (apparently your judged on your racing line when drifting).

That’s my lengthly intro. I guess I caught “rear-wheel drive” fever.



but can you ever live that civic owning down???


name is mark.
live in mississauga
thankfully i found this forum. seems to be kept well and maintained. i hope to become well known around here(don’t want to sound like a man-whore) anyway, take care.
-peace- :smiley:


I guess i can add to this as well, although i’ve been a member for a long long time, i’ve been in and out, so anyway:

Name: Pavel
Car: '93 180sx :wink:
Location: Richmond Hill

I had an '89 fastback this year, but i got t-boned june 10th, so i just bought another 240sx and doing some work on it here and there :smiley: .

For those in Richmond Hill and Markham, make sure and try to come out to the Friday meet at Woodbine & 16th at 10pm, i want to meet all the new people.


Hey, whatsup…
I heard through the grapevine people on this site were talking about my car…just in case you don’t know, I have a yellow 93 240SX with a shogun kit and ferrari rear end conversion. No mods to the engine other than your standard intake, and I’m not planning any either.

Just thought it would be fun to cruise around every once in a while

hit me up if you’ve seen my car (criticism/admiration…whatever)




Got pics anywhere? I’m curious as to know what you mean by
‘Ferrari rear end and conversion’, and what it looks like :slight_smile:

If you got nowhere to host em, e-mail em to me.


Yeah i think i have seen your car around Islington and Dundas. If this is the same car, then i probably bashed it. It’s not my style. Looked like the body was falling apart too.


Sup guys, my name is Kelvin and I’m from Scarborough. Heard about SON240SX cause my brother (nickame) Silkk is a member here. Anyways, he has a 95 S14 and I’m looking to get a 91-93 S13 real soon. Just thought I’d introduce myself.

PS - If anyone has any hook ups to a decent 91-93 S13, PM me.


name’s Brian.

i live in Caledon, Bolton to be exact. born in raised in St.Catharines.

had an '89 S13 hatch, but rust problems forced it’s sale. then had a few beaters as temporary transportation (Sundance, Pulsar NX, Pontiac Tempest), and i was just forced to sell my ultra-rare, ultra-pimp 1990 Infiniti M30 because i couldn’t afford to fix the transmission.

so, i’m now looking for another 240SX hatch. if anyone has a lead on one, preferably under $2000, then drop me a line and i’d greatly appreciate it.

nice to be here!


Name: Tyler
Car: '89 Zenki 240SX Hatch RS13 (Gunmetal, in some parts)
Location: Brampton
Age: 17


can we see some pics of the rear conversion?


Hey my name is Mark im 19 and i live in mississauga. Just bought a teal blue 95 240 off Derek DIP last thursday and i still have no insurance. Gonna cost me 325 a month as occasional driver…fackkkkk


wow!! that seems real high, keep shoppin around

have fun with the car!!!


what up people, just want to say hello :smiley:
im currently in a process of shopping around for a 240sx between 89-90 under 1800.00 can’t afford new one cause of insurance.

Gil @ Mississauga