Currently: 1998 white/beige Infinit QX4 with 18in chromes(yes I know I should have gotten 20s but its too late now)
Past: 1985 Black w/red pearl 200SX Turbo


My name is Dan and I drive a snot green '98 200 sx se-r with an sr20det swap.


John from St. Albert

–Black 93’ Infiniti J30.
–Blue 1981 Turbo Trans am {parked for now}

–ThE EdGe


Anton - you can all call me Stinky. Although I dont usually smell.

I got a 86 Nissan 200 SX Turbo. Better known as the S12 Silvia.
(mabey not)
I also have an 85 Audi 5000 Turbo with euro spec boost pressure. (should be around 160 ish fhp)


Nice to see some s12’s when the fact of the matter is s13’s are the ones everyone seems to care about these days.

anyhow, 1986 200sx N/A white (currently winning a bout against car cancer).


I’m Jason.

My daily driver: 2001 Sentra SE 5spd w/ Performance Pkg (Cajun Spice - Red).
My “real” car: 1993 300ZX Twin Turbo (Onyx - Black) - Stage V (or VI) depending who’s stage upgrade charts you use.

VP of the Edmonton Z Car Club.



I drive too many cars and need to keep just one!

I guess most of you would know me for my obnoxiously loud Z31 w/ mixmatched body panels… oh well, gets the job done.

I have a Silvia too, but it’s forsale since I’m getting a different one for summer.


Mike. Cherry Red 1982 LeBaron with full bodykit and wing and 13" Daytona’s. Looking to sell it for an S13.

If anyone’s interested in buying my current ride, it dyno’d at 97whp / 112wtq. Engine is mint with custom PVC pipe intake.

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I drive a 1990 Nissan Sentra coupe and live in St. Albert

Looking for a 240 or silvia


I’m Maxim. From Calgary.

Car : White 200SX SE 1995 (B14) First canadian Nissan (GA16DE) 1.6L turboed engine.

161 WHP / 167 Lbs/Torque.



Black 89 S13 SE

Working on all the outside and am doing a red top SR20 swap within the next 2 years :smiley:
Live in the West End by the mall


Im Cheryl
blk 92 240sx
Im reppin north edm:)

I’m going to keep it low until I get my swap in dec:)


blk s14
rims, lowered, k&n and just to many ideas


Ahhh crap…I already made an intro post in the wrong place…am I going to be banned?

Well before I get banned. I’m Matt and I just purchased a Z31 Turbo that has been occasionally bagged…I know this because I bagged it on occasion before buying it. :lol:


Grey and Black S13
One Mean S13



Silver 1st Generation Altima



1995 240sx

bone stock but i have a set of springs sitting at work


Although most of us know each other I thought I’d start a post for introductions

I’m Scott
Cars:Arctic White Pearl Z32 300ZX,Deep Fuchsia 89 S13 Coupe


I’d be Tyler (hard to tell form my handle, i know)
I drive a 1989 Orient Blue 240sx


I’m TJ
Lapis blue '90 300ZX