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wats sup guys am looking for body shop i got s14 and i got lil rust on it here and there am looking for great body shop that can fix cut the rust plzz help guys thxx


Whats up im richard from brampton. got a 95 green zenki and a 05 Silver sentra SE-R


Whattup Son240sx. My name is Roy… (AreOhWhy) aha get it? Not that new to the Nissan scene, had a 1998 Maxima and now you can find me in a 1995 S14 Zenki. I’m local to Mississauga/Meadowvale area. So if you live in Meadowvale and enjoy tim hortons PM me LOL :blush:

Haven’t had the car for that long, but if definitely beats the 1991 EF Civic I was driving during winter >.< although you can’t beat the fuel economy of a 1.5 liter honda engine. I think I was spending more on oil top-ups than gas x)

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hey guys! my name is Fahad, been in the scene for a while… my next car will most likely be an s14 when i have the funds but for now i have a 4th gen honda prelude… modding is hobby.


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Hey, I’m Shawn, 18, from Hamilton. I recently picked up a '91 240SX Hatchback from Alberta (primarily to avoid the whole rust factor) and after having an appreciation for 240’s for so long, I’m pretty stoked to have one as my first car. I joined the forum to use as a resource for help with any problems I might encounter and check out other 240’s in the region. At the moment I’m not too sure about turning the car into a drift missile, I don’t have much money to be throwing around and I’d like to keep it as a reliable daily for the time being. That’s about it haha


Hey Guys,

I’m Matt, 18, from Markham. I’m your classic car enthusiast who’s still hunting for his first car (hopefully a 240), while driving his parents’ minivan in the meantime. I’ve been into cars my entire life, mostly due to my father’s passion for muscle cars- he owns a 1975 Trans Am. I’m into all types of cars, but like all of us here on SON, I have a passion for 240s. Nowadays, you’ll probably catch me in the classified section.

ps. hit me up if you have a road-ready 240 for sale!


Hey everyone … I’m a 38 year old guy from the GTA, with a 2006 Altima 3.5 SE 5-Speed (manual) - ya, I know - manual’s are rare!


Alex K


Dunkirk New York

Ive had five 240s thus far and i still have my first one. Im currently building an 13 on a bit of a shoestring budget but overall i think im doing alright. Hoping to find my way into a better automotive crowd as the people I’ve dealt with before now haven’t been the best. Think I found the right place though.


opps didnt see this thread hello all im fidencio more comanly known as gordo or way back in the day fido

i have a s13 (optomis primer ) sil80 ka na currently my daily and im building a 2nd ka out of the car with any luck it will be set up for side drafts currently on the fence weather or not i should go with the ka-e pistons. laundry list of parts i have waiting to go in this car

i have a 91 z32 slicktop (the dream that i should have never cought) its currently down getting full resto and with any luck a vh45de i have sorced a few locally

i have a 95 z32 (the new auto daily ) i need to swap out the tranz in this so untill i do my s13 is my daily

i plan on moving to canada very soon any ideas where would be cheapest and have the best acess to work and cars ? ( i am currently leaning twards 306 mainly twards toon but open to regina )

im a mechanic with well over 10 years exp im fluent in both spanish and english and with any luck ill get the software to learn french (sugestions are appreciated )


Hello my name is Max, live in North York (Bathurst / Steeles) area, recently bought a s13 240sx. Car has electrical issues.


Hey everyone,

My name’s Nick, I’m 21 and in the Windsor area. I bought a '97 S14 about a year ago and it’s been sitting in the driveway while I collect funds. It has a RB25DET in it and a lot of problems. I’m looking for a knowledgable/reputable shop to get a compression and leakdown test done.


Hi, my name is Derek I’m 29. I have / had a 1989 240sx coupe I’m in the Barrie area I was building a bit of a middle car but due financials it has come to a halt. Find out tomorrow how big the halt is. I’ve been racing solo 1 and 2 for about five years and thought that drifting would be a great switch to hone some different skills.
Looking forward to being apart of this community.


Lumpy or Greg 95 s14 sr20det Barrie area Long time 240 owner and have built quite a few for other people as well hope I can help a few or maybee ill need it


Hi im Ian and im 19 i have a 98 240sx kouki i live in the Mississauga area it has a stock ka and putting in a sr20 this winter


Hello to everyone. My name is Andre. I am 19 and live in Innisfil. Car 1995 s14 sr20det.


hi fellas, names lucas and from belleville ontario. Im 23 and i currently own and drive 98 mitsubishi eclipse that im trying sell.


Name’s Colin, 19. Live in Beamsville, Ontario.

I have a 1992 240sx LE with around 247,000km on it.

This is gonna be a huge project through this summer and next winter.