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Yo what up every1. My name is Ibraheem and im from Scarbrough. i just joined this forum and i wanna learn all i can about my 240sx. Im in the process of replacing my clutch at the moment. After that it should be ready and on the road.


Hey everyone, my name is David and as the username says I’m a total newbie when it comes to the 240’s and related vehicles. I am going to be saving to buy a 240sx but I don’t anticipate it being until early next year. for now i drive a mildly modified 91 protege 1.8.

I am mechanically inclined but I know i have much to learn being this is the only car I’ll have owned that isn’t Mazda. so i hope everyone can be patient with me, school me and teach me all there is to know about owning one of these amazing vehicles.
also i noticed on the homepage a link for, Rick and myself are good friends go to him for anything he will treat you right.
that’s all for now



Hey everybody,

My name is Rob and I just bought a S14 this week. Im relatively new to 240’s so I have a lot to learn… Really like the 240 scene and all the support it has and am looking forward to working on the new wheels.

Cheers guys.


The name is John I have a 93 240 vert and I’m from st catharines


Hey people call me Louie,

I think 240s are pretty fucking cool. I have a sc300 with a 1jz… no shit.

hope to meet some cool people in the forum


Hi Louie.


wats crackalackin


Hi everyone!

My names Sarah, 18, live in Scarbrough and have a 92 s13 hatch with an SR20


^^Hahaha, about time.


I know I know!! Ive been slackin’ what can i say! Loll :stuck_out_tongue:


are you sure you’re in the right place??

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Names Mike I’m 23
I live in Boston but hail from Newyork.
Drive a '89 240sx coupe “OneVia” SR20DET
After 2 seasons I’m getting back to the scene.

Here are some car pics:


Hey guys,
My name is Andrew and I live in turkey Point… I drive a 93’ 240sx
Looking forward to being apart of this community…


Hi, My name’s Kennedy and I’m new to this site. Doing alots of research on the 240sx and looking for drifting car, and i wanted 86 but could get it. I use to drive HOnda so now it gone… = ( Great cars and i know alots of peoples boostin’ honda but not me…


Hi guy’s

Names Nate, from Australia.

I’m getting around in a 98’ Kouki S14a

Hope to get plenty info on modding :wiggle:


Hey names Phil. I’m simply here for info and help to find a car to beat at the track. I live in Ottawa and enjoy lapping with my 95 civic. We all know power sliding FWD cars an’t really fun so if anyone would like to help me out on a “medium clean” chassis for drifting that would be great!


You realize this is like Christmas morning for us lol…

A girl on son240, with an SR car.

I am in love. ( In a non-creepy way)


Name is Christine, 27, Hamilton
86 300zx (non turbo)
looking for parts, dealer doesnt carry them at all, any help would be great


Hi every one, Sidney here, 27, Toronto.
I’ve owned a 95 240sx for 2 years now. Currently being stored for the winter so I can save money. Hope to so an SR swap in the summer.


Hey I’m Warrn , 17 from Ottawa
Currently looking for a clean S13 after an unfortunate demise met my 02 Sentra Spec-v. Mostly just lurking and cruising threw the FS section.