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Hey Guys,
name is ryan but my friends call me lamchopz
im a long time friend of “Hector” also known as “H”
i have a 1990 240sx with the KA24DE-T swapped and s14 lsd diff
im from kitchener and i work at spec auto.


Hey everyone, i’m Josh, from the Cambridge area. Just bought myself a '95 240sx SE.
Only upgrade the car has is lowering springs and tokico shocks.


Hi everyone! I’m Jimmy and I’m from Toronto and I drive a Honda Accord…but will be getting an 240SX soon. Thanks to Jlee for telling me about this forum/site.


hi everyone names Nathan i’m from the Durham region and currently looking to buy a 240sx s14 '95 . if anyone can help send me a message :slight_smile: loving the forum already!!!


Hey everyone, names Nield, im from sarnia, I have a 90 s13 hb and before that had an 89. and just bought a 93 vert aswell. the hb has a redtop and currently in the process of building the motor up, and the verts stock for now!


hey, name is frankie, from thuder bay, i got a 93 silvia, and a 89 pulsar exa that is getting a new motor put into it. thinking either CA18DEt or GA16de


Hey everyone, Names Mike, lived in Barrie for abit now im in Trenton since GF is going to college here. Had a 91 240 fast back but it had rotten frame railes and had to part with it. I drive a 98 civic hatch atm, no mods some minor suspension upgraded. But now i am searching for my next project again. Can’t wait for my next 240sx, really wanting a s14 this time.


Hey guys & gals, my name is AL, from oakvile was a member (though not very active, lurker lol) here before the site closed for awhile. Been to turtle jacks hangouts twice (back 4-5yrs ago maybe @ dundas trafalgar) anyways my 97 kouki had been sitting in my garage for 3 yrs now, i’m hoping on re-insuring it and back on the road this summer!! currently i’m driving around with 2000 integra as my daily. hopefully, i’ll see you guys around


Name: Keith
Location: Calgary, AB
Nissan: B16, 6 speed, DD
Other: Big into 4x4’s/Rock Crawling…Jeep TJ, Toyota and a 2011 F150 tow rig.

I gotta be honest…I never thought I’d own a newer Nissan. A quick walk through, sit in, and drive for 10 mins sold me. I’ve owned it for 4 days. :slight_smile:

The Board seems quiet: still active?


Hey guys, I am Nathan,
21 from Trenton ON, currently in Waterloo going to school for mechanical engineering
been into nissans since i bought a '76 280Z back in 2008.
Recently got my first s13 on the road


Hello all, my name is Ryan and im 23 years old. I own a 1993 S13 fastback.


KA24DE with AMS build kit bored to 2.6L
Rare Greddy S14 KA exhaust mani (N/A) to stock SR20 downpipe to APEXi dual N1.
Infinity J30 rear end w/ VLSD

180sx kouki tail lights with CF rps13 center
Hella H4 headlights w/ Phillips Extreme vision bulbs
Very rare 180sx oem Chuki fog lights
Tenzo DC6 wheels in Bronze
shaved front license plate screw holes and antennae hole

HKS Hipermax III coils
Tanabe under brace
F/R TCSportline strut bars
SPL camber arms

new black carpet
custom embroidered floormats
S15 front and rear seats
S15 steering wheel
S15 shift knob
uncracked black dash YAY

theres a lot more but im over listing everything


Hey everyone, I’m Jamie, 25, live in Niagara region, ON (formerly from Ottawa). I have a 1993 ECR33 Skyline with an RB25 with a few light mods so far


hey, my name is nick, live in newmarket, 19, got a 93 240 hatch sitting in my garage, builder her up, vq35 swap starting jan 1st 2012


What up guys names Ryan Just recently bought a black 96 240sx. Used to drive a civic until I wanted a car with real horsepower and rear wheel drive. Any one living in the Mississauga/ Brampton area hit me up!



From Ottawa, just sold my r32 gtr that i’ve owned for 5 years so I could afford university.I’m looking to get an s chassis just to have fun with in the mean time.


names’ kris, heard about and been on the site for years through my brother <project240sx>. Recently made an account so i could post some pictures ive taken at events. photography and design are my interests, i love photographing drifting…its as close to drifting as i can get until i get my own 240…anyway just checkin in to say whats up’?

glad to be a member finally :slight_smile:


hey guys im a noob at these forums,i live in oshawa…unfortunatly.l have a silvia s14.lookin to get madd into these so hope to get tips and such. peace


welcome gents.


hey ima noob to these forums lol.i have a 97 s14 silvia.looking to get parts off here and learn.


Hey SON… my name is Chris. I live in Newmarket. I am 21. Pretty new to cars. Co-workers at my new job are motoring enthusiasts and got me interested. They soon convinced me to buy a 240sx. Picked up a gray ‘91 hatchback a couple days ago. Looking to do an SR20 swap over the winter. Rockin’ the Camry in the mean time.