Introductions - New users please post intros here


Hey, name is Ian, from Brampton, just sold my Toyota Supra and looking to buy a stock 240sx


Hey everyone, my name’s Martin, Im 17, just bought my '91 hatch the other day. Been a member for a while, but never posted, since I had no car at the time.


Sup everybody? Thought I’d finally get a son240 account and see whats goes on around here.
i’m 23 and from Ottawa.
I drive a very modest 180sx.


Sup everybody? Thought I’d finally get a son240 account and see whats goes on around here.
i’m 23 and from Ottawa.
I drive a very modest 180sx.


Hey, I’m not too new to 240s but never had an account here. Learned to drive stick on an S13!

This spring I’m hoping to find a 240 to make a track car as the G just doesn’t cut it on the track! So I’m probably looking for an s13 (since they are my true love) to gut and cage!

Current car/daily summer is my fitted G35 sedan some of you may have seen this summer as I ran into quite a few 240 guys at meets and what not. My winter car is a 97 acura 1.6el that will soon be hammered lol winter ftw.

Hopefully I’ll learn a tonne from the forum.


Hey what’s up, my name is Cam
Nineteen, living in Brampton
Just got a 1991 240sx for $500, my first car
its running but needs some work (rust, welding, some parts). once everythings in order though…


welcome gents


hey! My names Kevin. Im from Hamilton. I recently bought a 93 S13 240sx hatch. It has an SR20DET. First project type car. Bought it to learn to learn to drift and learn my way around a car better.


What’s up fellas. I’ve owned a bunch Honda’s and currently I’m working on an Integra, b20/v build, ect. Just looking into picking up a S13 as a project car. If anyone has a shell forsale, PM me!

Pic of said Integra.


welcome… hoep you’re more pleasant than applesauce, that guy’s a jerk


LOL! I’m a nice guy, people can vouch, no asshole here. :slight_smile:


Hi im Jon
Live in K-dub
and i own 2x 1995 240sx


hey my names mitch im 17 i live right by mosport i own a 1985 mazda gls-se rx7 caged and stripped 1.3 L :stuck_out_tongue: and am buying a s13 soon to start up a new project and get into the drift scene , i race motocross at a high level and am loosing interest and am getting pulled into the drift scene!!!


Watup! My name is Emir, from Vaughan area of Toronto. Own a 92’ R32 gtst with an RB20det. Plan on tracking the car this summer. Also plan on getting an s13 someday…but for now its just the skyrine


Hey, I live in Toronto and just picked up a red 1990 240sx…any other girls on here?


Hello lynx. We Dont have many girls here, come to think about it i dont think we have any(or at least active ones) any who welcome to the forum. . . . . .


Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey all, obviously new here. I just picked up a 1970 Datsun 510 Wagon. I know, I know it’s not a 240 but there’s gunna be a bunch of 240ish stuff put into it. I was looking to be picking up an s13 but when I came across my now 510 for only $500 bucks I couldn’t resist.

Check it out!


^you bought that from my buddy nick!


ya Nick sounds familiar. he’s a pretty cool guy. Really nice to deal with.