Is there a way...

to put a serial port onto my newer toshiba laptop? do i need to spend some hardcore bling to do it, or is there a cheaper alternative? i can’t just use the USB adapter, it has to be a direct serial connection. b/c if there isn’t a less expensive way, its time to find a cheap older one with a port already built in to do the job…

Why won’t an adapted USB -> Serial connection work?

trust me, it won’t, i tried (so did mike :frowning: )

It may depend on the usb->serial adapter you’re using, some will work and some wont. Also you may be able to find a pcmcia card w/ a serial port on it, good luck on that one though, maybe check ebay for it.

some programs need serial. it only knows how to “talk” to serial… once you use a usb adapter its now usb… try to change the settings of the program to see usb… or trick your laptop into seeing usb as serial… but thats not goign to happen

good luck

my serial converter is ghey. it works with somethings, but not all.

i havent seen any pcmcia serial ports, only parallel.

buy a shitty old laptop?

wanna borrow my POS laptop is has a serial port

Some serial ports work, some don’t exactly… Try this one… It works for the DSMLink folks for 1Gs and 2Gs.

think either of these would work?



^^ if you plug that pcmcia card into you laptop will your computer see a serialport or someting else?


i really don’t know…all i know is i need a serial port for my laptop like yesterday…

why does tuning software use such shitty ass interfaces… it bogels my mind

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