ISR suspension arms - Pricing

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about these. I have stopped producing the BINGS arms in Canada and am now just selling the ISR stuff. Yes the stuff I was making was high end with better rod ends and finishes etc… but the ISR arms are reasonable and fit well into budget builds. My stuff was also much more expensive. If you want the best you shold go with SPL and be prepared to pay about double the price or more.

It should be noted that while i have tried to stock this stuff i keep selling out and going on back order as fast as i can bring it in… i’ll try and order more and more to have them ready to go. Any Genesis stuff will be special order but i bring stuff up every week or so anyways.

ISR Suspension Arms:

Rear Toe Arms - $250 PRO
Rear Toe Arms (ANGLED) - $300 (PRO Only)
Rear Traction Arms - $200 PRO
RUCA - $300 PRO
TC Rods - S13 - $270 PRO
TC Rods - S14 - $270 PRO
TC Rods ANGLED - S13 $320 PRO
Tie Rods
Inners - $100
Outers - $180
Package - $250

$1000 shipped for full set of 4 arms
$950 picked up for full set of 4 arms
$775 shipped for rear arms only
$725 picked up for rear arms only

ISR PRO Performance Rear Upper Arms EL-016-PRO - $240
ISR PRO Rear Toe Rods EL-017-PRO - $350
ISR PRO Rear Camber Arms EL-018-PRO - $350
ISR PRO Performance Front Tension Rods EL-019-PRO - $350
ISR PRO Front Lower Control Arm EL-020-PRO - $350
ISR PRO Rear Lower Control Arm EL-021-PRO - $250
ISR Front Sway Bar Endlinks - $175

350z, 370z, G35 - PRO Version

Rear Toe Arms (Bucket Delete) - $325 (IS-RTC-Z334)
Rear Camber Arms - $325 (IS-RCA-Z334)
Rear Traction Arms - $375 (IS-RTR-Z33)
Front Upper Camber Arm - $575 (IS-FUCA-Z33)
Differential Mount Bushings - $175 (350z / G35)
Subframe Inserts - $200 (350z / G35)

All prices CDN. Subject to change with the exchange rate.

Updated pricing to reflect the current dollar and added the angled toe arms…